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    Gas in Mozambique – a $128bn opportunity

    Gas in Mozambique – a $128bn opportunity-min
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    In June 2017 Italian oil and gas company ENI committed to investing $10-billion on the building of Coral South, a floating liquified natural gas (FLNG) project off the Rovuma basin in Mozambique, the world’s first ultra-deep-water FLNG facility.

    In June 2019, Mozambique LNG (led by US-based Anadarko) committed $20-billion on the development of integrated offshore and onshore gas fields, through LNG, in the Rovuma basin, east of Palma, and in December 2019, Rovuma LNG (led by ExxonMobil and ENI) is expected to commit $30-billion to develop the same.

    Each of these projects marked the largest investment of its kind in Africa, only to be overtaken by the next. The chance for Mozambique to grow its $14-billion economy and repay its government debt, now sitting at 100% of GDP, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    Standard Bank, which is heavily involved in Mozambique’s gas sector, says the Rovuma LNG project alone has the capacity to boost GDP by between $15-billion and $18-billion per annum and contribute $5-billion annually to the fiscus and create 323,000 employment opportunities – with LNG as a whole potentially facilitating real GDP growth of 8% to 10% over the next 30 years. While it is not yet clear to what extent South Africa will benefit from a new source of LNG – prices will have to be negotiated on competitive terms – local companies can benefit from the sheer volume of work underway in the northern neighbour.

    There will also be opportunities for SA human capital working on the LNG projects and other domestic gas investments as employees, contractors, manufacturers, service providers and consultants. Standard Bank has committed to finance part of the Anadarko project (which has been acquired by French petrochemical giant Total) and also plans to finance part of the ExxonMobil project due to be announced later in 2019.


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