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The Greatest Breakthrough Technology in the Construction Landscape

STP Limited
Suprio Sengupta
STP Limited

STP Limited, with over 80 years of experience, is one of the most trusted names in the field of Coal tar/Bitu-men/Construction Chemicals, and the most preferred brand in the Indian market. The company, overs the years, has developed innovative solutions for Repair and Waterproofing of Roads & Bridges that include ShaliSeal RSTC, ShaliSeal CSS-A, ShaliPatch and ShaliSeal PU 2K.

ShaliPatch EC

ShaliPatch EC is a Three Component Self Leveling Modified Elastomeric Concrete. It repairs cracks in Rigid & Flexible pavement by cold applied polymerized elastomeric processed tar-based crack filler. Crack filling ranging between 5 – 50 mm wide in concrete / flexible roads, and used for surface correction in concrete road / pavement.


  • Tough, Flexible and Durable.
  • Rapid Cure time.
  • Excellent resistance to chemical, saltwater, oil, acids, alkalies, crude oil, fuels and minerals.
  • Compatible with both coal tar and asphalt emulsion based sealers
  • Compatible with both concrete and bituminous pavement.
  • Excellent to repair surface defects of the road.

ShaliSeal RS TC

To protect Asphalt Wearing surface from water, fuel and other volatile substances  ingression . STP’s new development of ShaliSeal RS TC – Coal Tar Based Slurry Seal has solved the problem to a great extent. Coal tar, being highly water & fuel resistance , prevent the Asphalt Wearing surface and reduce the periodical maintenance cost substantially. The same is also recommended to use on Granular Sub-base as Prime Coat to protect the sub-base as well as bonding with the bituminous macadam. It is already been recommended by NHAI, IRC other Road Consultant. MNCs like HONDA and many others had also opted for the same for their internal Asphalt Pavement. STP recommend the use of ShaliSeal RS TC over existing Asphalt Pavement every year just before monsoon to enjoy a Pot-Holes Free wearing surface years after years.



Important features of ShaliSeal RSTC

  • Top coat road slurry for enhancing road life by preventing water ingress
  • A refined coal tar-based emulsion, designed to protect asphalt pavements
  • Resists ultra violet radiation
  • Resists fuel impregnation
  • Reduces aging of asphalt, hence reduced maintenance

ShaliSeal CSSA

ShaliSeal®CSS A – Solvent Free Two Component Acrylate Based Coloured Slury Seal is cold applied, flexible, skid resistant, tough and durable polymeric coating for both asphalt and concrete road. ShaliSeal® CSS A is available in factory pre-weighed kit and is available in different colours to meet specific purpose.


  • Parking bays
  • Highway road signaling
  • Bus lanes, Cycle tracks
  • Sports venues and stadium tracks
  • Walkways / pathways
  • Aesthetic application and landscaping
  • Tunnel road


  • Solvent / VOC free product
  • Good friction / skid resistance
  • Tough and Durable.
  • Excellent UV / ageing resistance.
  • Rapid cure. Can open traffic fast.
  • Cold pour and ready to use. Does not require any heating.
  • Excellent resistance to chemical / salt water / crude oil, acids / alkalis.
  • Compatible with both concrete and bituminous pavement.

There are many other development is being carried out by STP Limited in many other aspects and we hope to change Construction Landscape throughout the country in near future.

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