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Hard Work and Quality: Key to Success


MAAD Realtors & Infra is one of the leading players in the Vasai-Virar region and Thane district of Maharashtra. In short span of time, the young and professionally managed group has achieved great heights. The key factor behind its successful journey is its commitment to deliver quality services. Building and developing housing projects to realize the dreams of its esteemed customers, MAAD Realtors & Infra provide affordable modern luxurious living spaces with amenities and lively environment.

MAAD Mines & Minerals is one of the sister organizations of MAAD Realtors & Infra. The company is actively involved in promoting an alternative to natural sand, which maintains the ecological balance. MAAD Mines & Minerals is well-known for its better quality and environment-friendly washed sand.

The Masterbuilder caught up with Devendra Ladhani, Chairman of MAAD Realtors and Infra Ltd to know more on the organization.


What is the key to your remarkable success?

Vision, Hard work and Honesty are the key to our success.

Take us through your subsidiaries.

Principally, we are into land development. We develop land completely in respect to FSI. We offer complete building with Commencement Certificate. So far, we have developed FSI worth 3.5 Crores sqft, of which, we have developed 20% FSI on our own.

We invested in the best production facilities, since in-house there were huge requirements of materials like sand, concrete, blocks, aggregates, stones, etc.

To have an added edge over conventional technologies, new technologies like Precast and EPS Walls were added recently.



How does MAAD overcome the challenge of delivering house ownership to its clients in time?

We are not dependant on the sales for project funding. We plan our project to the last detail, even before commencing a project. Since most of the materials are in-house & the budget for construction cost is assigned from the sales of FSI. Therefore, delivery is never an issue.

What are various innovative construction technologies MAAD has incorporated for the construction projects?

Keeping abreast with international standards, we have in-house precast plant for Spancrete (MAADcrete) USA, EPS wall and slab (MAADConcrewall) from Schnell Italy; manufactured sand plant from Sadvik and block making plant from Hess Germany.

In your opinion, what are the reasons behind the failure of ‘Mass Housing Programmes’?

The main reason is poor or improper ‘Town Planning’. These things need to be taken care well at the basic conceptual stage, adhering strictly to the respective guidelines and quality. It is not the ‘Cost’ but the right planning from a competent consultant will make any project successful.

What is the current yearning for residential projects in Mumbai?

The demand for housing is always there. It is just that the “Houses are overprized & less sized”.


MAAD Realtors and Infra Ltd.
B-Wing, 2nd Floor, Gokul Monarch,Thakur
Complex, Kandivali (East), Mumbai – 400101.
Phone: 022-28544241 / 4341 / 4342
Fax: 022-28544342
Email: maadrealtorsinfra@gmail.com
Web: www.maadrealtors.com


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