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    Haryana govt to push developers on unused community sites

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    Officials plan to examine community sites which are lying vacant or have been transferred to schools, hospitals and other establishments by creating third party rights. The government could also reclaim such sites, as the deadline for building community amenities on these has already expired.

    TOI had reported on August 7 that at least 45% sites in several licensed colonies and group housing societies across the city, earmarked for community amenities such as clubs, crèches, schools and police posts, were lying vacant, even after the six-year deadline set by the state government in 2012 for building community amenities on these expired in April this year. The report also said of the 1,106 sites approved by the government, only 489 had been utilised by realtors to build community amenities. Builders are yet to use 509 sites, while construction is going on at 108 sites.

    A senior DTCP official said every concerned developer would be called separately for discussions on the matter. He said the department will enquire whether a builder was planning to develop the site or not. “The department will arrange the meetings to explore the possibilities of developing these community sites,” he said.

    In some cases, the developers have created third-party rights and handed over the sites to establishments such as schools, hospitals, etc, but despite the transfer, the sites are yet to be developed. The department will chalk out a plan on how such sites can be brought back to the state government, and community facilities provided to residents, according to the official.

    According to Haryana Development and Regulation of Urban Areas Act, 1975, a developer is liable to build nurseries, primary schools, clubs, health centres, community centres and other community buildings or get them built by any other agency on these sites.

    Officials said that developers of plotted colonies, which received licences before 2012, had to build these community facilities within four years (2016), extendable by another two years (2018). However, the Act provides that a developer should be given an opportunity to explain himself for delays before the land is taken over by authorities. “The developers were served notices and given time to build the community facilities before April 2018. If the plot is still not utilised for the purpose it was meant for, the land shall vest with the government,” read a notice which was earlier issued by district town planner (headquarters) Rajiv Kaushik to developers.

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