High Performance Automation Doors

High Performance Automation Doors

high speed doors

With a rapid opening speed and an advanced safety system, high speed doors are being designed for high performance and long-lasting dependability. Some of the common features of these doors includes exclusive frame guide and control system that will keep the door operational and smooth.

High-speed doors are door systems, mainly used in industrial applications. They are technical enhancements of the generally known sectional doors, PVC fabric doors or roller shutters. The main difference is that the durable construction provides a higher operating speed and they are able to sustain a higher number of cycles (opening and closing cycles) and require lower maintenance and repair cost. Depending on the intended field of application, horizontal or vertical operating door types are available.

Application Areas:

High-speed doors are usually used wherever goods traffic occurs and where the doors have to fulfill special requirements. In the food and beverage industry, or Medical industry for example, special climatic conditions have to prevail; short opening and closing times reduce cooling loss, avoid airflow and enable a smooth operating procedure. They can also be designed in larger dimensions for the mining and aircraft industries.

Airport Sector: High Speed Door System offers various door solutions suited to airports including High Security Terror Screen roller doors to high-speed closure, fire and smoke prevention. Benefits include securing zones from intruders, safety of the public, attack and threat prevention, fire spread prevention, noise and odour separation and energy saving within the airport. This unique level of product specialism for airports comes from a policy to drive door systems development and product testing that ensures the systems produced by Hart are practical and work as specified.



Beverage industry: Intelligent airlock solutions can be achieved by means of high-speed doors. Two doors with highly transparent laths gives a clear view throughout. Pressure and temperature differences can easily be controlled by an airlock where the transporter enters the airlock, and the one door cannot be operated before the other has closed. This is also used in security applications.

Food, clean, and pharmaceutical processes: In the strict environmental constraints of pharmaceutical and aggressive environments of the food processes, where hygiene is imperative, doors must not only provide a structure made of stainless steel or composite materials to prevent corrosion, but they must also ensure an exposure time as short as possible to reduce the risk of airborne contamination.

Car manufacturing industry: The automotive industry is an industry where high-speed doors are well known. High volumes of cars are produced in short periods of time. High-speed doors are vital for the logistics processes, high speed and low maintenance ensures optimum production. Special high-speed folding doors are used on the dynamo tuning cells.

Chemical Factory: Design requirements for explosion-proof electrical equipment are dispensed by ATEX legislation, which reports the levels of the electrical standard requirements complying conservative prescriptions. In places where men work with highly volatile and flammable products, the best advice is to rely on a manufacturer of rapid flexible doors, guaranteed and reliable. Pneumatic components react quickly in complete safety.

Supermarket Sector: Rapid doors for food businesses provide the minimum requirements of hygiene and protection of unauthorized personnel, as for example in a supermarket. Since it is quite likely that in the area next to the door we can find unauthorized and untrained customers.High-Speed Doors for external en-trance are equipped with spring steel wind lock in curtain pocket that ensures silent door travel, higher wind loads, and curtain stability. And it is the need of the time.

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