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High-performance Solutions Customised for the end user Applications


Flooring essence requires expert supervision and high-quality service. The flooring scene in India has grown since past few decades owing to all around innovation. The experts of the field are now experimenting with newer techniques and modulating the workflow system. One such group of flooring expert is Impact Floors. Impact Floors is a special purpose company with a focus on DESIGN AND BUILD of concrete floors & flooring systems.




Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Kaushal Parikh Vice Chairman & CEO, Impact Floors India Pvt. Ltd., wherein he shared insights on the company’s unique services and an overview of the market in general.


Kaushal Parikh Vice Chairman & CEO, Impact Floors India Pvt. Ltd.


Here are few excerpts of the interview.

Discuss the fibre reinforced flooring system service of the company?

Impact Floors is a specialist design and build of concrete floors that range from high performance solutions customised for the end user applications . These flooring options range from high tolerance floors to jointless floors to seamless floors and economical floors for factories where penetrations and foundations are a part. For warehouses and retail, we offer solutions which can vary between jointless floors to a free movement applications to defined movement applications. Our Novomesh hybrid fibre reinforcement solutions are globally proven fibre reinforcement solutions that have been used in our country over the past 2 decades in more than 5000 projects. Our fibre reinforcement solutions are covering the entire spectrum of applications with fibre solutions with the Glolbal leading products of Fibermesh range of polypropylene fibres, Novocon range of steel fibres and Enduro Macroforce range of structural macro synthetic fibres. Our company is offering solutions for warehouses, retail, distribution centres, factories, cold storages, manufacturing facilities, multi level car parks, ports, container yards and rigid pavements.



How does the company cater to warehouse floorings?

We cater to the clients by interacting with their end usage requirements and accordingly we offer a design which offers them flexibility in the usage of the floors. We cater to the entire spectrum of warehouses, be it built to suit warehouses, dedicated logistics parks, third party developers, in house usage warehousing space within manufacturing facilities, cold storages and retail.



The warehouses could be ranging from lower height storages which have pallet storage on the floors to rack heights which range from 7mtr to 15 mtr and ASRS storage facilites which range between 16mtr to 28mtr. We recently completed India’s first Jointless floor in ASRS space for a dedicated warehouse within a manufacturing facility for a leading FMCG company wherein the design was optimised by 50mm as compared with the original design and usage flexibility to the end user.



What are the impactful factors of the flooring industry?

Flooring is currently driven majorly by the warehousing space – retail, cold storag,e and distribution centres. This also includes of warehousing demand of manufacturing organisations in various verticals ranging from FMCG to electronics to electrical components to engineering and beyond.

The flooring industry will see a big push in this space. Although there maybe some consolidation of warehousing space due to the GST implementation and larger companies will look to realign their operations to suit their requirements for the centralised working of distribution of their products. Manufacturing space is also seeing some growth albeit being slower than the mid 2000s.



The market is also learning the need for better floor tolerances and design with improved products and solutions as we see that people are now increasingly paying attention to the demands of reduced maintainece of floors. Hence, there is an acceptance for clients to consider higher input cost of constructing floors as compared with earlier times when orthodox construction and materials delivered only a limited performance. Now with heavier loads on racks, sophisticated material handling equipments are demanding better quality of floors.


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