High productivity and Cost-efficiency: compact Wirtgen milling machine at the top of...

High productivity and Cost-efficiency: compact Wirtgen milling machine at the top of its performance class.

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The largest range of cold milling machines industry-wide, with milling widths ranging from 14 mm to 4.40 m is introduced by Wirtgen. Ranging in all sizes, the road reconstruction machine restores pavements for all operation. The highlight of the 12 cold milling machines presented by Wirtgen includes the two world firsts, the W 120 Ri and the W 150 CFi.

The W 120 Ri is the first mobile rear-loading machine on wheels with a milling width of 1.2 m. It has the same operating concepts as the previous Wirtgen- class machines which are lucratively well-known on the market. Apart from the multifunctional armrest which comforts any machine operators, many automatic and driver assistant functions is available to speed up the working processes. LEVEL PRO PLUS, the brand-new leveling system has been completely integrated into the machine control system; it ensures a precise, high quality milled finish.

The efficacious replacement work is achieved by its freely dimensioned conveyor system and it’s incredibly maneuverable wheeled chassis which supports speeds of up to 7.5 km/h.

The front loader W 150 CFi completes the new Compact Class from Wirtgen. Like the W 120 Ri, it features environmentally unbeatable engine technology in compliance with emission level EU Stage 4 / US Tier 4 Final. The advantages of small milling machines – maneuverability, one-man operation and flexibility – with the front-loading principle and the productivity of large Wirtgen milling machines stands out through its high performance and cost-efficiency as compared to the other W series. With working widths from 0.6 m to 1.5 m and milling depths up to 330 mm the Compact Class is ideal for job sites where space is limited. It is based on a standardized operating concept, ensuring operators a quickly feel at ease with LEVEL PRO PLUS system integrated into the compact milling machines.

News sources: wirtgen.de

Picture sources: google.co.in