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High Quality Motor Grader for A Faster Project Deadline

Rajdeep Mitra, National Product Head – Excavators, LiuGong India Pvt. Ltd.

With a History spanning 60 years, LiuGong has learned, adapted and grown into a leader. Started in 1958. The continuous strive to rise to new challenges has lead LiuGong to work in the harshest of environments from the blazing heat of the Sahara to the unrelenting cold of the Antarctic and everything in between. More than just functionality, LiuGong focuses on the needs and wants of our customers. LiuGong understands that great machines have to be intuitive and ergonomic to allow for projects to get started quickly and run smoothly. Attention to quality and the ability to get the job done has made LiuGong synonymous with reliability.

During BC India, Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Mr. Rajdeep Mitra,

National Product Head – Excavators, LiuGong India Pvt Ltd, wherein he shared insights on the new product launch and market potential in general.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

  1. What is the new product you are launching in BC India?

We are launching new variants of wheel Loader and Motor Grader.

  1. Discuss the company’s range of motor grader?

We presently have two variants of motor graders viz. 414 & 4180D. The former has a gross power of 150 HP while the later is 180 HP gross power. Both the models are fitted with Cummins stage III engine, Air conditioned cabins and blade width of 12 Feet.

  1. There are a lot there are lots of banking problem in the contractor or financial problem if somebody wants to buy and the bank is not aiding, do you have a tie-up for the financial aids?

Yes, we have a tie-up with all the major banks and NBFCs.

  1. What is the market potential for the year 2019?

The industry currently riding on Government’s stimulants and investments to fast forward infrastructure projects primarily development of roads and highways. Big ticket Sagarmala and Bharatmala will also give a leg up to development of rural roads and rural infrastructure. The sector is pegged to grow at CAGR of 20%.


  1. Right now, do you have any skilled labour training program?

We support the skill India movement initiated by our government. We have a tie-up with Infrastructure Equipment Skill Council (IESC), a body backed up by ICEMA.

Under this we train the machine operators. Furthermore we also have tie ups with various it is running across India wherein we hire the fresh talent, train them and finally place them either within our network or outside.

  1. What is your touch point or what is the dealership network about the inquiry?

LiuGong India has a network of 23 dealers in India and 3 dealers in Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The total number of touch points for LiuGong India being 60.

  1. What about the availability, whether it is locally manufactured in India or you have to imported or you have the touch point spare parts available in?

We manufacture most of our equipment locally in India barring few models which are imported from China.

These equipment are sold by our network of 23 dealers in India. Our dealers also sell the spare parts through our 60 plus touch points.

  1. How efficient are Liugong machines?

As our tagline TOUGH WORLD TOUGH EQUIPMENT implies, LiuGong machines are highly efficient and reliable. Our existence of 60 years in China & 16 years in India itself is a proof for the same.

Our machines are deployed at all sort of rugged sites and all working continuously without failures.


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