Hitachi Industry & Control Begins Sales of “ADSTEFAN Ver. 2018” Casting Simulation...

    Hitachi Industry & Control Begins Sales of “ADSTEFAN Ver. 2018” Casting Simulation System

    Enhanced functions aimed at improving fluid flow analysis, shortening solidification analysis time, and improving operability
    Example of high pressure die casting simulation using moving body consideration function for fluid flow analysis

    Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd. (“Hitachi Industry & Control”) today announced that it will begin sales of ADSTEFAN Ver. 2018, a casting simulation system with enhanced functions aimed at improving fluid flow (1) analysis, shortening solidification analysis time and improving operability, in  Japan, India, the People’s Republic of China, and Southeast Asian countries. ADSTEFAN Ver. 2018 supports three languages: Japanese, English, and Chinese, and Hitachi Industry & Control aims to sell 150 licenses per year for the research, design, development, and manufacturing of social infrastructures, automobiles, and transport equipment both in Japan and overseas.

    ADSTEFAN is a casting simulation tool to predict casting defects before they occur on the front lines of casting production. It simulates the inflow of molten metal into casting molds as well as the hardening process, both of which are unseen, and visualizes the process in 3D. This enables the reduction of the number of casting prototypes, shortened development time, and improved quality, thereby demonstrating results in terms of reductions in cost and resources consumed. Since Hitachi Industry & Control started to sell ADSTEFAN in 1999, it has aggressively enhanced the functions and improved the product performance based not only on customer companies’ requests but also on the outcomes of collaborative research with academic institutions and partner companies, and it has provided improved versions every year.

    In recent years, in many industries including the automotive and transport equipment industries and the infrastructure industry, the development of new products to meet diverse needs is picking up pace. As a result, product parts need to be more complex in shape, more lightweight and durable and delivered within a shorter time frame and at lower cost, and there have also been requests for further improvement of analysis precision and improvement of work efficiency in the casting simulation process.

    In light of these needs, ADSTEFAN Ver. 2018, which will go on sale now, has enhanced functions aimed at improving fluid flow analysis, shortening solidification analysis time and improving operability, which were improvements commonly requested by user companies.Through the continuous improvement and sales expansion of ADSTEFAN, Hitachi Industry & Control will contribute to the development of the casting industry and the development of industry worldwide.

    Features of ADSTEFAN Ver.2018

    1.[Fluid flow analysis] Enhancement of moving body consideration function Achieves fluid flow analysis that is closer to actual casting by reproducing the motion of moving bodies such as the ladle, the plunger tip and the stopper etc. which affect the flow of the molten metal and temperature changes.

    2.[Solidification analysis] Enhancement of solidification rate control function Omits unnecessary calculations by basing the calculation of the solidification rate on the selected component, thus enabling shortening of analysis time.


    Relationship between solidification rate and time
    required for analysis with enhanced solidification rate control function

    3.[Operability] Enhancement of functions of inflow conditions tool
    Has interface for each casting technique: high pressure die casting, gravity die casting and low pressure die casting, and improves operability by reproducing die casting site operations. Enables reduction of labor required for input of inflow conditions compared with previous version.


    Screen for inflow condition settings (example of high pressure die casting)

    4.[Operability] Enhancement of analysis results animation creation function Improves visibility by displaying multiple images side by side when comparing analysis results. Enables output of animation images suitable for Web browser or presentation tool display, thus improving convenience of use as report materials.

    Example of Analysis Results Display

    2), (3): A ladle and a plunger tip are used to push molten metal into molds during high pressure die casting (one of the die casting techniques).

    (4) A stopper is used to plug the cavity during the stopper pouring process (process of pouring molten metal into molds) of gravity die casting (one of the die casting techniques).

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