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Hoisting Solutions for ‘Vertical-Constructions’


ConMechAuto Consultants (CMAC) India Pvt. Ltd. is a company engaged with solutions for material handling equipment for vertical constructions. With global vision, CMAC was established by a group of qualified and experienced professionals from the infrastructure industry with the aim to promote mechanization in the execution of projects and to aid in the continual upgradation of available technology. Managed by Rambabu Cheruvu, Managing Director and run by Badarinath Cheruvu, Director-Technical and Sales and Jyotsna Cheruvu, Director-Operations and Training, CMAC is a company shapes its offerings around customer requirement.

CMAC offers passenger and material hoists, suspended rope platformsand multi-functional hoists apart from A-frames and trolleys.

Material Hoists

In the passenger and the material hoists category, CMAC offers single cage hoists, 12mts horizontal rebar carriers, double cage hoists, inclined hoists and curved hoists.

Suspended Rope Platforms (SRP)

The SRP system consists of a compact platform driven by twin hoist motors. This compact system is ideal for use in areas that have restricted space. This temporary installed system is applicable to work at heights upto 200+ meters and is ideal for elevator shaft, big size tank, high chimneys, vertical duct shaft bridge and large dam construction. The width of the platform ranges from 1 to 10 meters. CMAC also provides single tower self-climbing platform, under this category, extendable upto 10m with a work platform dimensions of 10m x 1.3m (width extendable by 1.0m with retractable tubes).


Multi-Functional Hoists

Multi-Functional Hoist (MFH)-CMAC RAMBO
Multi-Functional Hoist (MFH)-CMAC RAMBO








These multi-functional hoists, as the name suggests, enables the movement of men and material, including concrete and steel, at any given point in time. This system, which consists of a graded motor with brake and winch system, is relatively new to the Indian construction landscape and is offered as the multi-functional hoist (MFH)-CMAC RAMBO with Rebar.


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