HRL Provides Cost-Effective Testing and Engineering Solutions that in Australian Mining ...

    HRL Provides Cost-Effective Testing and Engineering Solutions that in Australian Mining

    The company offers unique high-tech testing capabilities, using decades of practical experience and advanced modelling techniques.
    Australian mining

    hrl: provides cost-effective testing and engineering solutions. These aim to improve process efficiency, reliability and sustainability in the Australian mining sector.

    With extensive experience worldwide, hrl: collaborates with partners worldwide, including South East Asia, India, and the Middle East. The company’s range of comprehensive services is customisable to suit individual customer needs.

    Mineral plant optimisation solutions for mining sites

    hrl: delivers cost-effective and energy-efficient mineral plant optimisation solutions across multiple industries, including coal, copper, bauxite, mineral sands, silicon, iron ore, and lithium.

    The company offers unique high-tech testing capabilities, using decades of practical experience and advanced modelling techniques.

    Its National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) approved laboratories provide the necessary insights to operate and improve client operations.

    Fuel processing and utilisation technologies

    hrl: supplies high-end consultancy and technology services to coal and energy clients, with a focus on fuel utilisation and processing.

    The company’s range of fuel technology services include:

    • Resource evaluation and characterisation
    • Desktop studies, computer modelling and laboratory investigations
    • Pilot-plant and full-scale trials
    • Environmental monitoring and compliance
    • Process plant measurement and optimisation
    • Greenhouse consulting
    • Materials engineering and plant integrity services
    • Project management and implementation

    Applicable to a wide range of fuels such as biomass, coal and oil-shale, hrl:’s fuel processing technologies may include drying, size reduction or agglomeration, upgrading, combustion, gasification and underground coal gasification (UCG).

    Other options available could be carbonisation, retorting and conversion of coal-to-liquids.

    Chemical, mechanical and metallurgical testing procedures

    hrl: has extensive experience in chemical analysis processes, covering the characterisation of a wide range of products.

    The company tests materials such as biomass, chemicals, coal, dangerous goods, mercury, minerals, water and waste.

    In addition, its comprehensive and unique mechanical and metallurgical testing capabilities evaluate microstructures on ferrous materials, coatings, corrosion, accelerated fatigue, and other materials properties.

    Asset integrity, reliability, and materials engineering systems

    hrl: specialises in high-temperature, high-pressure systems, which aim to sustain assets, while optimising maintenance and capital expenditure, and investigating failures.

    The company’s services include advanced onsite inspection and testing, design verification, forensic failure investigation.

    hrl: also offers materials selection, condition and risk assessment, as well as advanced materials.

    Process and energy efficiency engineering services

    hrl:’s expert process engineers optimise client operations and improve sustainability, through energy audits, efficiency programmes, waste reduction and recycling such as briquetting and agglomeration.

    Specialist capital project implementation

    The company’s experienced project engineers to implement specialist, technically challenging retrofit projects.

    Its capability covers commissioning, management, specialist design, manufacture quality assurance (QA) and control systems.

    About hrl:

    hrl: provides its extensive, practical testing capabilities to companies in Australia and South East Asia and works with a broad client base comprising executive, operations, and research and development (R&D) leaders.

    With experience in R&D within the State Electricity Commission of Victoria, the company specialises in power generation and laboratory testing.

    hrl: also works closely in R&D collaborations with individual or multi-partner groups such as cooperative research centre projects (CRC-P).

    With inputs from : Mining Technology

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