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IBMS 2016, 1st Biennial Conference on Bridge Management System


IBMS 2016, 1st BIENNIAL CONFERENCE ON BRIDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is being held on 4-5, October 2016, at NDMC Convention Center, New Delhi, under the auspice of Ministry of Road, Transport & Highways and Public Works Department Govt of Maharashtra.


The scheduled conference is the first national conference on bridge management.

Bridge Management refers to a system that monitors and maintains Bridges. Bridge management is a systematic process of creating an inventory and managing the assets in a cost effective manner. Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS) is created to monitor this purpose. Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS) is developed to create an inventory of all bridge assets onNational Highways (NH) in India and apply a technical logic to manage the bridge asset during its life cycle. The system allows the user to assign priority to maintenance activity based on the present condition of the bridge.
IBMS is the world’s largest Bridge database owned by a single owner with an inventory or over 1,20,000 bridges and culverts.
The Chief Guest of the event is  Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India. ‘The 1st Biennial Conference on IBMS is being held under the auspices of the Ministry. I fervently urge all State Governments to depute their officers and take advantage of this unique gathering’, said Mr. Gadkari.
The Bridge Engineering Professionals from the four sectors namely-Academia, Public sector, Non-Government Organizations and Private Sector will be in attendance under one roof to discuss various aspects related to the repair, rehabilitation, retrofitting or replacement of India’s bridge assets.


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