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IBMS – INDIAN BRIDGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – Streamlining the database of bridges in India


IBMS is the world’s largest Bridge database owned by a single owner with an inventory of over 1,56,000 bridges and culverts.

Sachin Joshi, Director & TL


The country is now looking at 30-kms of Highways development on a daily basis. The increased road network means that a strong socio-economic impact is being created by the government. To cater for such a growth, latest management system and technology is the need of the hour. Connectivity will increase, along with employment opportunities through all such major projects. The future generation will reap the benefits of the sincere efforts of the Ministry. The Ministry has taken a leap into the future by developing and implementing Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS), which is now tracking all the brid-ges in the country. By using information technology, IBMS software has been dev-eloped for data collection of all such brid-ges in real time, thereby emphasizing on “Make in India” philosophy of the present Government. Bridge management is a systematic process of creating an inventory and managing the assets in a cost effective manner. Indian Bridge Management System (IBMS) is developed to create an inventoryof all bridge assets on National Highways (NH) in India and apply a technical logic to manage the bridge asset during its life cycle. It generates detailed in-ventory data and condition ratings of bridges to ensure that the dynamics of deterioration process are captured and this dynamism in the deterioration process guides the inspection and rehabilitation of bridges. The short term focus of IBMS is first and foremost to make all bridges safe before they can be maintained efficiently.

The Purpose it Serves

IBMS is an end-to-end solution to Bridge Management. It is an indigenously developed system by an Indian Consultant based on the guidelines of IRC SP 35. The main requirement of the management system is the collection of real time data, for this Ministry have divided the ‘National Highways’ into 18 packages. One field consultant for each package has been appointed to conduct the field part of the work involved. You would be amazed to know that the entire inventory of bridges is done using a hand-held device, and the data from the field was uploaded online in real-time to IBMS servers. Once the inventory is completed, the field consultants are assigned bridges for inspection based on their importance, present status, and structural condition. A field consultant conducts a complete check of all the structural components of the bridge. The complete report of the status report of the bridge is also submitted online via a hand-held device. This process results in an identification of the weak and dilapidated bridges. All such bridges are then categorized as, those needing immediate repairs / urgent repairs or needing a planned repair intervention. Such categorization is based on the application of Non Destructive testing system to the bridges identified as those in need of repair. Where such testing system provides confirmation of the status of the bridge.

Institutional framework essential to en-sure that the system works based on a predefined system approach, Indian Road Congress has also taken the task of revision of all related documents in the sphere of Bridge inspection and management.

The Conference

To create the awareness of Bridge Management System in India team IBMS have come up with a series of Biennial Conference. The 1st Biennial Conference was held in New Delhi at 4th & 5th October, 2016, that witnessed the inauguration of the IBMS by Hon’ble Minister Sh. NItin Gadkari. Several delegates from State and Central Government have attended the Conference.

Team IBMS is back again for its second edition of IBMS Biennial Series. It is scheduled on and from 22-26, October 2018, Hyderabad, The conference will witness the association of Professionals from the four sectors namely-Academia, Public sector, Non-Government Organizations and Private Sector, participating from India and Abroad. This event is planned to attract researchers, scholars and academicians from all over the world and ensure that this biennial conference become the only conference dedicated to Bridge Management. Such a conference rooted in India will ensure that Indian Bridge Management System becomes more robust based on the various topics being debated and discussed in the conference and also ensure that IBMS in reality ensure the birth of Bridge rehabilitation industry.
Indina Bridge Management System
Indian Academy of Highway Engineers, A5, Sector 62, Noida
Email: ibms2018@iddcindia.com
Web: www.indianbms.org


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