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    ICI’s two-day conference on tall buildings; designed for change

    ICI - Evolving trends in tall buildings
    ICI - Evolving trends in tall buildings

    Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) successfully concluded its two-day conference on “Evolving Trends in Tall Buildings.” The event’s theme and speakers were crafted to address concerns regarding tall buildings, to provoke thoughts and discussions, and to provide young engineers with an opportunity to learn and interact with stalwarts from industry and academia.

    ICI joined hands with L&T Construction to conduct the two-day event which was held at L&T’s Manapakkam, Chennai Campus. The event was organised by Dr KP Jaya, Chairperson ICI-Chennai & Director – Centre for Research, Anna University and was presided over by M V Suresh, Whole-Time Director L&T and Dr Anumolu Meher Prasad, Prof. & HoD of C.E IIT, Madras.

    Present on dias during the event were Dr. K.P Jaya, Vivek Naik, C.Y. Shivaji, K. Veerapan, M.V. Satish and Prof. A .Meher Prasad. Over the event’s course, eminent speakers from industry and academia like Anil Hira, Alpa Sheth, Nayan Trivedi, K Suresh Kumar, Koshy Varghese, Manu Santhanam, Tak Mathews, and many more – took to the stage to deliver thought-provoking, insightful presentations that touched on several key issues surrounding high-rise structures.

    Apart from providing a brief summary on how the new IS 16700 enables better construction practices for tall structures, presenters also shed light on important issues like:

    – the importance and need for Engineering Review Panels, Periodical review certificates, the lack of proper and relevant data banks, benefits of Performance-based designs, the need for on-site Geotechnical investigations, and much more.

    The event proved not only to be a great networking opportunity but also a unique opportunity for young practising engineers to learn and interact with experienced professionals that have inspired them over the years.

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