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In Conversation with Rohit Punjabi, Asst.Director, LiuGong India – “2015 will be a Boom Year for the CE Industry”

LiuGong India, has carved a niche for itself through its range of quality construction machinery. At Excon 2013, it showcased a new wheel loader model, apart from excavators and motor graders. Designed for taking on the tough working conditions of India, LiuGong’s machines are known for their superior technology and excellent performance. In an exclusive interview with The Masterbuilder, at the company’s sprawling booth at Excon 2013, Rohit Punjabi, Asst. Director of LiuGong India gave detailed insights of the company’s product display and future plans. Here are excerpts from the interview.

What are the equipments that you are showcasing at Excon 2013?

At Excon 2013 we are showcasing wheel loaders, one of which is a new launch, excavators and a motorgrader.

On display are the 836 BSIII and 856 BSIII wheel loaders, with operating weights from 10,300 kg to 17,100 kg. These two machines are known for their power and reliability, comfort and control, easy on-the-job maintenance, low fuel consumption and compliance with the latest emission norms in market.

The 836BSIII wheel loader makes its first appearance at Excon. Driving through a proven LiuGong Transmission, it is equipped with fixed front differential for maximum traction and reduced tyre wear. Its smooth parallel linkage configuration offers a full 40-degree turn tipping load of 7200kg. The unique design offers excellent visibility to the bucket edge and surrounding job site. The 836BSIII has a powerful,  Weichai & Deutz engine and offers 92 kw rated power that produces 100 kN of breakout force to aggressively dig depth and fast into any heap of loose materials.

Like other famous LiuGong wheel loaders, the 856BSIII offers a ROPS/ FOPS cab with superior visibility and 360-degree views.  The ergonomic cab design is dust proof and of low noise, the steering wheel can be tilt and can be adjusted according to the operators comfort. Its advanced hydraulics allow for a quick cycle time that has been improved by 13% to 10.1 seconds.
LiuGong 920D, a 21 ton class excavator powered by 150hp Cummins engine has also been displayed in the booth. The 21-ton excavator featuring a 0.95 m³ bucket capacity and 102 kW new power engine. It is built  for high-volume, high-production quarrying and construction applications and suited for earthwork, quarrying and road construction applications. The company’s advanced load sensing hydraulic system has been designed for lower energy needs which helps in fuel saving.

Also on display is the 414BSIII motor grader, used primarily for highway construction and road maintenance, has a powerful Cummins India  engine, new ZF Transmission rated 106 kW with peak torque of 655 N.m at 1500 rpm.  It has a large flywheel output which allows for high power reserve with low noise, low pollution and high overload capacity.

The machine muscles its way through the toughest surfaces and conditions.  As with all LiuGong machines, operator comfort, accuracy and safety receive the utmost attention. The fully enclosed air-conditioned cab offers an adjustable control console so that the operator can counter them to their needs.  414BSIII also has a spacious cab mounted on a viscous isolation mount system which provides a vibration-free environment with excellent visibility to the worksite. A standard Grammer suspension seat makes sure operator remains comfortable and alert. The CLG414BSIII offers a high reliability hydraulic system, using the world-class components. The load-sensing hydraulic system increases the ease of precision operations using less fuel, and the dual circuit brake system ensures reliable braking in the event of a failure.

What are your expectations from the event, vis-à-vis your marketing objectives?

At Liugong we participate in exhibition for brand building. Our primary focus in India is to build the brand. In fact, at Excon 2013 we have done some substantial business too along with show-casing our products.

We have received some serious enquiries, a few of which we have already converted into sales. Overall we are happy with the response and the number of footfalls.

Tell us about the application areas of the new wheel loader that you have launched.

The new wheel loader i.e CLG836BSIII can be used for both stone quarry as well as for the construction applications.

Do you have any idea of adding new products to your product range in the near future?

Yes. Certainly, next year we are planning to add some more variants of Wheel loaders. Hopefully we will also be launching rollers too by next year.

How widespread is your dealer network now in India?

We  have around 17 dealers spread across the country. There could be a few more adding up in the near future.

With the recent recessionary trends, how important is the Indian market to LiuGong?

India is what we call at LiuGong headquarters -‘the second home market’ for us. While we  have subsidiaries around the world, we still consider India as our second home market. We have a plant in Pithampur, Indore. So if you look at the focus and the resources deployed and allocated, India continues to be special market for LiuGong.

What is your immediate outlook for the Indian construction equipment industry?

While people may call me pessimistic, but the truth is that I don’t see any great improvement in the next 6 months time. However, the mood should become more upbeat around July , with the formation of the new government. I feel that 2015 will be a boom year for the CE industry.


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