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In Conversation with Samir Gandhi, MD, Gandhi Automations India Pvt. Ltd.


Samir Gandhi
MD, Gandhi Automation India Pvt. Ltd.

Gandhi Automations is one of the leading entrance automations and loading bay equipment company in the country. Since 1996, the organization has been providing ‘s highly sophisticated solutions across all industrial sectors including the construction industry to ensure safe and secure automated movement of men & material. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation of offering world class quality products along with best of after sales support. Masterbuilder spoke to the man behind the company’s success, Samir Gandhi, about the company’s activities and how the Indian market has become keen in embracing technology and innovation with the entrance of MNCs.

How big is the Indian entrance automation industry? What are the growth prospects of the industry?

Entrance Automations and Loading Bay Equipment is closely knitted with the construction industry. The construction industry is amongst one of the fastest growing sectors in India and comes with a promising future. The sector will escalate to new heights with construction activities taking place in different Indian cities. Government policies, expenditure in infrastructure and regeneration projects will provide the growth impetus. There is also an increase in multinational companies setting their base in India. These MNCs bring in their standard for different kinds of equipment in construction and material handling. Thus the industry is seeing a change in the way industrial, commercial or warehouses are constructed by using automations. Companies with Indian management are also changing their views on automa-tions and are adapting to the new trendsin this field.

Please elaborate on the company’s product range in India, its applications and the different market segments it caters to?

We design, manufacture, supply, install and maintain highly sophisticated industrial doors and loading bay equipment. The doors meet various objectives like temperature control, dust ingress, noise control, maintain hygienic conditions at the same time allows seamless traffic of forklifts, pallet trucks etc. All our products are based on European and American technology that conform to very high standards of safety.

Our Dock Levelers also adhere to the most advanced concept. The prefabricated solutions for the quick construction of loading baysallows a cut by 60% of the construction time of pits and dramatically reduces the need of man labour.

Our product range includes Aircraft Hangar Doors, Heavy Industrial Doors, Motorised Rolling Shutters, High Speed Flexible Doors, Sectional Overhead Doors, Cold Storage Doors, Hermetic Doors, Fire Doors, Flap Doors, Sliding Doors, Swing Doors, Dock Leveler, Dock Shelters, Tail Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Automatic Gates, Boom barriers…etc.

From a technical and awareness perspective, how mature is the Indian market compared to other countries? What is the company doing to address the gap?

India has been traditionally using manual or rudimentary methods of material handling for a long time. This industry is still at a very nascent stage. Globally the use of material handling equipment is common. It is now that India has commenced the process of mechanization with an increase in the multinational companies setting their base in India. With India being viewed as a major hub for manufacturing, the demand for material handling equipment and entrance automations is likely to rise significantly.

Basically we work as a consultant. We provide solutions to the customers to enhance their efficiency, safety and swiftness in material handling. We take into consideration the need of the customer & accordingly provide the best option.

What is the company’s strategy with respect to R&D & human resources?

Keeping in mind that our goal is about improving the Quality of our products along with exceptional customer service we are always interested in how better to go about that. We have a highly dedicated team of R & D engineers working round the clock constantly improving product characteristics and utility. How to make our products safe is our prime concern. The focus is mainly on safety and energy efficiency. In the last year we invested about `2 Cr in R & D.

Our company is certified for compliance to ISO 9001 – 2008 Quality Management System. This has lead to the implementation of continuous improvement in personnel training, product development and customer relations.For us at Gandhi Automations health and safety form an integral part of work environment. The manufacturing facility conforms to health and safety requirements. We have supervisors responsible for maintaining safe working conditions.

For further details:
Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd
2nd Floor, Chawda Commercial Centre
Link Road, Malad (W,) Mumbai – 400064
Ph: +91-22- 66720200, Fax: +91-22-66720201,
E-mail: sales@geapl.co.in
Web: www.geapl.co.in


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