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An Increasing Demand for Bigger Wheel Loaders

Sanu George
Business Head, SDLG India

SDLG products are targeted to the value segment and are known for their reliability and robust performance on site. The company has an established and experienced dealer network in the export markets in which it operates. This network is dedicated to providing excellent parts availability. Like every year this year too SDLG launched an array of products at Excon.

Masterbuilder had one to one chat with Mr. Sanu George, Business Head, SDLG India, wherein he shared insights on the products being launched and an overview of the market in general.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

Discuss the range of wheel loaders launched at Excon 2017 by SDLG.

At Excon 2017, we launched the 3-ton-rated L936 and 4-ton-rated L946 wheel loaders. The L936 is the successor to the LG936L previously sold here in India. The launch of the L936 gives our customers in India two models to choose from (in addition to the LG933L) in the popular 3-ton rated capacity weight class.

We launched the L946 having observed an increasing demand for bigger wheel loaders. With its launch, we now have a suite of options across the 3-ton, 4-ton, and 5-ton rated capacities.

How productive and efficient are these machines compared to other multi-purpose machines?

Multi-purpose machines such as backhoe loaders have traditionally been popular in India. But the market in India is coming around to the productivity and efficiency gains that specialist machines like compact wheel loaders provide. Compact wheel loaders can be more manoeuvrable and therefore able to complete more cycles on a smaller jobsite.

What is the market potential of the wheel loader segment presently?

The market for wheel loaders is promising. Demand is greatest for compact wheel loaders in load-and-carry operations on ready-mix concrete plants, quarries and ports. In addition, with the government pushing for building of more roads in India, wheel loaders will continue to sell well.

Did the recent declaration by the government give a much-needed impetus to the construction sector?

With government support for infrastructure development and road development, we expect accompanying growth in the construction sector.


How has the response for Excon been for the company over the years?

For SDLG, Excon has always been an excellent platform to highlight our value-priced market position. The event is an op-portunity for us to emphasise to both exis-ting customers and potentially new ones how value-priced machines like ours provide quality yet keep expenditures controlled.

Besides customers, the event is also a good opportunity for us to build existing and new relationships with our media partners. At the recent Excon, we were pleased to be able to meet with various members of the media individually and talk to them about the L936 and the L946, and to present our view on developments in the construction industry in general.

What are the biggest challenges for the India construction industry currently?

GST is still a fairly-new introduction and we’re still assessing its full impact. To buyers, the new tax rate translates into a 10% increase in construction equipment cost, thus increasing the overall cost of infrastructure development. In addition, it also affects the cash flow of buyers and puts a heavier financial burden on their businesses. While there is speculation that the policy may slow infrastructure development in India, the degree of impact will depend largely on the ability of buyers to claim input tax credits.


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