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    India is bright spot for infra investment, says Bill Brummitt

    infrastructure investment
    Roads and smart cities seem to have a lot of growth potential in India

    India is seen as a bright spot for infrastructure investment amid rising protectionist measures around the world, said Bill Brummitt, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Global Infrastructure Hub, a platform launched by G20 countries to address global infrastructure deficit.  He added that the country is still seen as a very promising market with a very large market, growing fast, and with a lot of opportunity.  The Global Infrastructure Hub last year launched its Project Pipeline to provide the private sector with information about government infrastructure projects across the world.  It is designed to provide a platform where procurement authorities, whether it is the national authorities at the state or local level, can put projects onto that pipeline, and therefore, raise their visibility with international investors all around the world, Mr. Brummitt said.  The Global Infrastructure Hub currently does not link investors and companies building infrastructure project but is hoping to do so in future.  Mr. Brummitt was in India last week to hold talks with officials from the ministries of finance and road transport on the tools the group has developed as a knowledge-sharing platform.  Roads and smart cities are two key areas, which seem to have a lot of potential in India, he said. 

    Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com

    Image source: Rediff.com


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