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    Volvo EC950E Outperform Larger Excavators in Indonesian Coal Mine

    greener transmission cables
    power lines

    Indian Power Ministry is likely to establish new norms propelling the use of greener transmission cables. This announcement was made by the Power Ministry along with the Central Electricity Authority (CEA). “Lead electricity transmission cables are an environmental hazard,” said the duo in a statement, adding that “the new guidelines will be issued shortly.”

    A single kilometer of cable in India contains almost 8 tonnes of lead. These cables have a service life of about 25-30 years. Replacement of the cables is mandated at this stage. Lead based underground power cables, especially, require attention and/or replacement as they may lead to soil, water and ecosystem contamination.

    The ministry is exploring the concept of aluminium-based cable sheaths as a replacement for the existing lead-based cables. Aluminium-based cable sheaths are the greener and cheaper alternative. The ministry will also be exploring on how to further drive manufacture of non-lead-based alternatives through policy initiatives.

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