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    Indian Railways bullet train project plans to save thousands of trees by using this cool machine


    “This is a pilot project and in the first stage we are trying to save 2500 trees. The success rate of this machine is around 60-70%,” Dhananjay Kumar, spokesperson of NHSRCL told Financial Express Online. “When the project was proposed to be on ground then 50,000 trees were likely to be affected, but now with elevated tracks the total number of affected trees will come down. The final estimate is yet to come but we are making use of modern technology such as this to make sure there is minimal impact on the environment,” Dhananjay Kumar added.

    This machine, also called “Tree Spade” is an all hydraulic machine that can replant trees and bushes of all sizes and is said to be more time consuming and laborious methods. This state-of-the-art machine has four ‘teeth’ that dig into the ground around the tree and gently help in loosening the soil around it. Once the tree is ‘free’ these teeth clamp around it and lift it vertically only to lay it on the front side of the vehicle horizontally.

    The tree is then transported by the machine to a nearby location where a hole has already been dug earlier. After enriching the soil with the necessary manure etc, the machine then uses its teeth to replant the tree and even out the soil around it.

    he Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train will be the first high-speed rail project of the country. The foundation stone for the bullet train project was laid jointly by PM Narendra Modi and Japan PM Shinzo Abe in September 2017. The bullet train will become fully operational in 2023, but PM Modi has set an ambitious deadline of August 15, 2022 for the first train to rollout.

    Info- https://www.financialexpress.com


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