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    India’s first Platinum rated Green Home


    India’s first Platinum rated Green Home is located at Chennai. Owned by Mr U V Krishna Mohan Rao of Madipakkam, ‘Viswa Syamalam’ is completely eco-friendly. The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has rated ‘Viswa Syamalam’ as India’s first platinum green home. Viswa Syamalam consumes the lowest energy loads and least carbon footprint, claim inmates. Some of the main features of this green home include rain water harvesting, use of solar energy for major energy requirements and a very good cross ventilation. Since the rain water is managed very well, there is no municipal water connection to this home. Solar energy is used for heating water, cooking and taking advantage of natural light is so good that electric lights are not needed during the day time in any part of the building, sunrise to sunset. There is also a unique ‘sunpipe’ used to bring in sunlight into the home without heat and using the principle of total internal reflection. And during the night time, mercury-free LED lights are used.  Solar power is used for lighting. Also there is excellent ventilation (cross ventilation) all through the day that there is no need of turning on the air conditioners, as the temperature generally remains lesser by 4 to 5  c compared to conventional homes in the same locality. The waste water from the bathroom is used for the kitchen garden, by the method of root zone filtration. Even in the construction of Viswa Syamalam, only eco-friendly materials were used. Inmates confirmed that they have not spent anything extra to practice eco-friendly lifestyle and building a green home but saves on money and environment.


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