Home Masterbuilder India’s infra market to rise upto $6.6 tn by 2025: ​says ​PwC

India’s infra market to rise upto $6.6 tn by 2025: ​says ​PwC


India’s infrastructure market is expected to gross USD 6.6 trillion by 2025, which will be nearly 12.5 per cent of the Asia-Pacific, says a report. According to consultancy firm PwC, the Asia Pacific infrastructure market is anticipated to grow by 7-8 per cent a year over the next decade to over USD 53.6 trillion by 2025 and signifying nearly 60 per cent of the world total. The increase in infrastructure spends in the country is likely to be driven by sectors like housing, telecom, healthcare, education, transportation, among others, it said. “Overall, India’s share of the Asia-Pacific infrastructure market is expected to continue to grow, reaching around 12.5 per cent or USD 6.6 trillion by 2025,” PwC said in its report.

According to the report, transportation and utilities investments are expected to increase thrice over the coming decade as income and travel demand will rise and the country’s population will increasingly congregate in urban centres. “The ongoing development of technology services sector, as well as demand from households, is likely to drive investment in telecommunications infrastructure.


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