Industries try to make way into homes: Las Vegas Convention

    Las Vegas Convention
    Franco Candido of Canada watches as Cobra, the decorative concrete engraving machine creates designs during the 43rd Annual World of Concrete show at Las Vegas Convention Centre.

    This year’s World of Concrete (WOC) is hoping to make an entry into domestic homes by creating beautiful and colourful interior designs.

    In the 43rd annual show at the Las Vegas Convention Center the World of Concrete created a first ever outdoor section contributing to live ongoing demonstrations in a house model setting exhibiting creative utilization of concrete.


    David Lindley of Multivibe demonstrates how to decorate concrete by using power tamp


    Mr. Bent Mikkelsen who aided in the organization of Decorative Concrete Live section of WOC and has an industry magazine establishment said that contractors were given the opportunity make use of the materials by gaining an idea to create polished or stained living room floors, wooden fireplaces and stone features with 63 decorative specialists from around the country. He further added “Cement is like the pottery clay of the construction industry. Its uses are limited only by the imagination. It has the ability to mimic other building material finishes as well as have its own unique looks.”

    In areas like strip malls and Starbucks, stained concrete floors are popular because of low maintenance and the chic look it provides, Mr. Mikkelsen expects 10,000 of the 60,000 WOC visitors to have a glance at the outdoor decorative section.

    Mr. Chris Becker gave classes at WOC on the use of decorative concrete. He said that in WOC one-third in some form or another is related to decorative concrete and cannot compare to anything over the last 20 years. Becker added, “There is a trend of people taking this utilitarian, commodity type of material and fashioning it into their home, using different colours and different textures to suit their environment, adding that concrete floors and countertops are gaining in popularity.”

    Houston 1975, where WOC first started with 77 companies presenting their goods to an attendance of 1,550. On an average this year about 1,500 companies including large companies like Caterpillar and Liebherr Group will display latest products and services, ranging from enormous eye-catching objects like cranes, cement trucks and drills to smaller objects as well as accounting software, GPS tracking and cloud services.

    “This is a good show for us. We expect to generate a couple of hundred solid leads,” said Steve Antill, director of sales for Foundation Software, which focuses on the construction industry. He said that his establishment promotes new mobile suite enhancements such as field time cards and daily report capabilities.

    Over the four day event, WOC is hosting a range of 90 minute as well as three hour continuous education classes and workshops on the subjects of field leadership, strategic thinking and safety.

    WOC is underway in spite of the US cement industry going through a profitable period. In 2017 domestic demand is expected to rise to 3.1% and 4% in 2018 as predicted by Ed Sullivan – Chief economist at the Portland Cement Association.

    As the state’s population and economy grow the demand in Nevada is likely to rise creating a demand for housing and construction materials. Though cement consumption is still 50% below its peak of 2.7million metric tons in 2006 according to data.x of Portland cement.

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