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Influencing Factors for the Flooring Industry




Baskaran Balaiah
Sales Head – India,
Rocland Pvt. Ltd.


There are many factors which are currently influencing the flooring industry. The main influencer in India is being driven by MNC, demands of MHE operating in Warehousing, Special demands of Manufacturing sector, Aesthetics, Public buildings like airports, convention centers etc.

The landscape of Industrial and Logistics infrastructure has changed dramatically from last 5-10 years. Flooring is a key component of this infrastructure which has direct bearing on the operational efficiency. The advent of several new technologies in products, process and the increasing use of specialized machinery have meant engineered specification and stringent compliances to performance standards to meet the demands of performance.
Wear, tear and joint damages are the achilles heel of the floor. Rocland, an RCR Industrial Flooring group company has played a vital role in bringing products and standards which define and adhere to measurable performances and comprehensively address the requirements.

Hardeners are often specified without establishing the grade and dosage requirement as per usage. It is based on age old practice of 3 kgs per sqm, either defined as non-metallic or metallic. Many a time abrasion value is erroneously referred by Moh’s standards which is hardness of aggregates and not of composition.
Liquid densification which is now very popular is often mixed up with hardness factor. Chemical reaction associated with densification improves abrasion value of parent surface but does not achieve AR classification.

What causes abrasion?
Why do you need hardeners:

– Give desired abrasion value
– Serviceable life of floor based on hardener thickness
– Impact resistance with special hardeners
– Colored topping
– Steel fiber suppressant for SFRC floors.
– Anti static/ conductive floors
– Improving lux levels with reflective grade hardeners
– Hiding concrete which has aggregates with higher flakiness by forming 4-6mm layer.
– Concrete with PPC cement or blended with higher volumes of pozzolans has poor wear resistance and the same can be used by protecting with hardner layer.

Performance Surface Hardeners:

Hardners have been classified under BS 8204 or EN 13813 into AR2, AR1 ,Ar 0.5. They represent abrasive values of the product and not only of aggregates. DIN 18560-7 establishes durable life of wearing layer. Hardner of lower AR value with higher dosage do not conform to higher AR value as sometime interpreted.

BS 8204 -Abrasion Resistance Classified

– Traffic Type or Building Use = AR classification
– AR2: Light to Medium duty, AR1: Medium to Heavy duty and AR0.5: Heavy Duty
– Abrasion value less than AR2 are termed as fiber suppressant.
– A perfect Floor – Hyundai Mobis – South Korea








Influencing factors & specifying:

– Wheel type, type of use establishes AR class desired for the performance.
– Once the traffic group is defined, the serviceability of the floor needs to be defined. As a thump rule 1mm of floor hardener topping should work for 4 to 5 years at an average 4mm and above is good standard.
– Floor hardener consumption for 1mm thickness will be 2.4 to 2.5 kgs per sqm. So theoretical thickness of standard 3 kgs per sqm works out to 1.2 to 1.25mm. At lower dosage this hardner during panning gets mixed with cement paste from concrete surface, further reducing abrasive value of the material.
– Floor installer should know proper timing to ensure that hardner is not applied too early or late.
– Higher dosage of hardner can be applied by boom spreader or in slurry form as fresh-on-fresh topping.
– Rocland floor hardener can be used as Dry shake and Fresh slurry (Fresh on Fresh / Wet on Wet system) by this the floor hardener will remain at the top surface of the floor and will take care of the abrasion
– There is demand for aesthetic floors with uniform appearance. Variations in floor color is more pronounced in polished floors. Rocland offer wide range of color options for all classification of hardners. It is also observed that the users are more disciplined in their use.


RCR Industrial Flooring Group of Companies has presence in more than 43 countries including US, Asia, Europe & Africa.
Rocland is an international manufacturer of dry-shake concrete surface hardeners, screeds, admixtures, and curing and sealing agents. Our products are used in millions of square meters of industrial flooring globally each year. We have a suitable product for every application. We offer dry-shake surface hardeners for light duty, medium duty, heavy duty and very heavy duty along with Permaban Expansion / Armoured joints.

Rocland products are used globally for more than 7.0 millions sqm each year. Roclad products are used globally for more than 2 decades. Rocland is dedicated flooring products manufacturer.

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