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Innovation in Pallet Handling and the Cubing System Technology


Columbia Machine with over 20 years of presence in India, offers a complete range of products to suit the requirement of the market that you simply can’t get from any other manufacturer. From importing the machine from the USA in the late 1980s to starting of manufacturing by 2000 and having over 200 plants by the year 2015 in India, the firm has spread all over the country from Kashmir in the north to Kerala in the south.

With the growing labour costs and great difficulty in getting reliable/ skilled labour throughout India, the Indian market has begun to consider investment in automation of pallet and product handling in their new concrete block plants. The growing popularity of small concrete products such as pavers and flash bricks has led Columbia India’s engineers to develop the next block machine with a pallet size optimized for these requirements. Columbia India now introduces SPM30, this BIGGER & BETTER block machine with fully automated pallet handling and the cubing system is now manufactured in India and is the most reliable and viable alternative on the market.

The firm has always believed in its philosophy of a small pallet machine and to-day they are proud to say that most of their customers have not only profited but are proud owners of multiple Columbia machines. This is a contrast to many large and medium pallet machine that are installed in India are too big for the market requirement and not utilized to the fullest of their capacities also the huge investment of time and money required to install them make them an unviable investment.

Product Specifications:

CVT Technology: Columbia’s patented technology, CVT combines 75 years of innovative engineering and field proven designs with industry leading manufacturing capabilities. With this & UL30 and PSC200, the output of SPM30 will be almost double that of SPM20.

Pallet Size for Indian Market: Pallet size of 750mmx600mm especially designed taking care of Indian Market conditions. Steel pallets provide 50% more product cycle than SPM20.

Loader/ Unloader: Precision design & engineered, our Rack Loader/ Unloader provide most advanced, safest and flexible means for moving green and cured products within your plant.

Automatic Cubing: Cured products are automatically cubed on wooden pallets using Plate Style Cuber PSC200, US technology made in India.

Zero Downtime: The rugged design and automatic vibrator lubrication reduce maintenance requirements providing significantly increased uptime and higher productivity.

The SPM30 thus provides the Indian customer with the next generation of Concrete Block Plant made in India at an affordable price and gives a quick return on investment.

Columbia welcomes you to witness and join us at the magnanimous launch of SPM30 and see it up and running at Columbia’s Outdoor Booth No. 641 at Bauma ConExpo, Gurgaon from 12th to 16th December 2016. Be the part of innovation!

For further details:
Columbia Machine Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd.
1 Rahimtoola House, 7, Homji Street,
Fort, Mumbai – 400 001.
Phone: +91 22 6743 4325
Email: info@colmac.in, sales@colmac.in
Web: www.colmac.in, www.colmac.com


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