“Innovations in Concrete for Infrastructure Challenges” – INFRACON 2017

“Innovations in Concrete for Infrastructure Challenges” – INFRACON 2017


Concrete has been recognized as one of the essential components of infrastructure development in India, it will be essential to evolve and adopt innovative solutions for planning & execution of concrete infrastructures, especially when huge expenditure is planned in the immediate future. Although there are a few examples of adoption of certain recent advances in the sphere of concrete technology, such as high strength & high-performance concrete, self-compacting concrete, fibre reinforced concrete, high volume fly ash concrete, ultra-high performance concrete, etc., the penetration of such advances in the infrastructure sector is abysmally low.

Considering the crucial importance of infrastructure development for the Indian economy, the Indian Concrete Institute Nagpur center coined the main theme of the International conference which was held in Nagpur on 6th & 7th October 2017 as “ Innovations in Concrete for Infrastructure Challenges” INFRACON, 2017.

There is a need to improve quality. There is a need to improve quality of cement and lower cost of construction. This was stated by Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping via video conferencing. He was talking at the 2-day Infracon 2017 International conference on “Innovations in concrete for infrastructure challenges” organised by Indian Concrete Institute (ICI) Nagpur Centre. With the use of innovative techniques and latest technology, the quality of construction can improve, Also, the price of cement needs to be lowered which will reduce the cost of construction and make it more affordable.

Some topics covered in the conference were; Innovative Concrete Materials, Innovative admixtures, Manufactured Sand, Supplementary Cementitious Materials, Innovative Concrete Technology, Self Compacting Concrete, High-Performance Concrete. Fibre Reinforced Concrete, Precast Concrete, Prestressed Concrete, Modern Equipments for Concrete Construction, Engineered Demolitions, Sustainability and Durability, Green Concrete and many more.


Ajay Sancheti, Member of Parliament (Rajyasabha) sent a written message, he advised the engineers that they should find cost-effective construction methods to improve quality of construction. In Nagpur, cement roads were being constructed and the biggest challenge is to maintain the quality of roads from developing cracks dew to high temperature, he said.

Infracon  2017 souvenir was unveiled by the delegates. Present were Dr. Dilip Mase, Convener, Er. Sameer Surlekar, Vice-President (West) ICI, Er. Jose Kurien, Past President ICI, Avinash Survey, Executive Director of VIDC, Dr. Manamohan Kalgal, President of ICI and Technical Advisor of Ultratech Cement, Er Vivek Naik, President-Elect of ICI, Er. P. S. Patankar, Chairman of ICI Nagpur Centre, Er Manoj Kawalkar and a large number of delegates.