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Innovative and Cost-effective Fiberglass Formwork Systems


India has emerged as a key global market for formwork systems over the last decade. An ever evolving customer here is no longer averse to trying out new products now. Several new innovative technologies have made inroads into the market, a few of which have gone on to become major successes. A good example is available in the form of Epic Eco fiberglass formwork systems.

Epic Eco fiberglass formwork systems come from Epic Eco Group, a globally reputable formwork specialist, whose products are being across continents. The group is represented in India by Mumbai-based Indigo Multitrade Pvt Ltd. Epic Eco composite fiberglass shuttering building systems represent a revolution in the area of shuttering because of their lightness, simplicity, durability, solidity, resistance to temperature changes and their price competitiveness. One of the major advantages with these systems is that they offer simplification of shuttering with the same mechanical properties of other systems.

The fiberglass formwork systems from the company display excellent mechanical qualities since they can hold 60kN /m2, – 1200 psf of paneling. They are made up of a composite mixture of polypropylene, special fibers and chemicals which enables the construction to hold such high pressure. Moreover, the speed of paneling with these systems is very fast and abundant palette of elements allows for best possible paneling composition. Optimum paneling composition is ensured since the paneling surface is very close or in some instances the same as the surface wetted with concrete.

Epic Eco paneling systems are particularly suitable for paneling of foundations, shafts of all kinds, and walls up to 4.2 meters / 14 ft height. They are also suitable for handwork because of their low weight, i.e., 18-22 kg/m2, together with the connective material. The paneling system consists of 10 elements and 51 connective elements, which are suitable for all heights.

The lightweight of the fiberglass paneling system also means that they are easy to transport. They also score high on the sustainability front for they are also recyclable. In fact, they are brought back by Epic Group for the market price. Excellent finish is ensured because of perfect treatment of elements and optimal joints. Cleaning of the panels is also easy since concrete does not hold onto the surface.

One more top feature of the paneling systems is their ability to withstand extreme vagaries of the weather, making them ideally suited for varied climatic conditions. They can withstand temperatures of even -23 degrees Celsius / – 9.4 Fahrenheit or up to + 50 degrees Celsius / + 122 degrees Fahrenheit without experiencing any damage. Since the systems do not decompose or oxidize, the panel systems are extremely durable and can in fact last for at least 10 years and are maintenance free.

The company is able to pass on the cost advantage, gained through an innovative production process, to the end-user. Adding to the cost advantage is the fact that the panel systems are light in weight and are therefore easier and cheaper to transport.

The perfect combination of innovative products, backed up by world-class technical support services, offered by Indigo Multitrade, has ensured that Epic Eco Composite fiberglass formwork systems are now a familiar sight across construction sites in India.



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