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Innovative Heat Reflective Terrace Tiles Introduced


Thermatek 1The Green Building movement in India has meant that new products are being launched almost every passing day. However, it is only a select few that go on to become big successes. The “Thermatek” brand from Ishaan Industries is a good example of such successful products. The brand has become synonymous with a quality range of heat reflective and insulating products. Some of the top products offered under the Thermatek range include, Thermatek Heat Resistant Tiles, Thermatek Cool Mortar and Thermatek Heat Reflective Paint.

Thermatek Paint- Project News

The company’s range of Thermatek Paints has already made rapid inroads into the Indian market. A good example of a recent project of the product includes, the Kallazhagar Temple in Madurai. Thermatek paint has been used to paint the pathways inside the sprawling temple complex. What this has done is made life easier for devotees, who need traditionally need to walk barefoot inside a temple complex, which is a real ordeal in a place like Madurai, where the temperature can be scorching hot. The innovative use of Thermatek heat reflective paint in the temple premises is yet another feather in the cap of the company.

The salient features of Thermatek heat reflective paint range includes:

–    Can be supplied in white and selec-ted shades, each tested for thermal performance parameters of reflectivity, emissivity and SRI.
–    The company is the only manufacturer supplying exterior paint with high SRI in colors.
–    While the SRI value of white is 114, the SRI value of other color shades ranges from 80 to 114.
–    The paint is supplied in packing of 1/4/10/20 litre pails.
–    The paint coverage varies from 4-6 sq.m per litre, depending on the surface condition.
–    The paint can last an astonishing 5-7 years on a smooth, well prepared vertical surface. On a horizontal surface the longevity will depend upon the usage of the surface.
–    The price varies from ` 75 to ` 95 per sq.m for varied shades.
–    The paint range conforms to TERI/ IGBC/BEE/MoEF/CPWD and all other guidelines specified by other international standards for energy efficient building envelopes.
–    The parameters have been tested by an independent agency and results can be forwarded as required.
–    The product has been developed in association with the prestigious Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai and awaits award of patent.
–    The product can be used as cool roof solution, as well as premium exterior paint for walls with the added benefit of arresting heat gain.

Thermatek 2Reflectaa

Recently production of “Reflectaa” heat resistant tiles, using Thermatek heat reflective material, has started in Tamil Nadu. This will help cater to the needs of the South India market. The local manufacturing will be beneficial to the clients in South India as transport costs can be reduced and faster deliveries ensured.

The salient features of Reflectaa heat resistant terrace tiles include:

–    The high solar reflective index (SRI) of Reflectaa heat resistant tiles means that the tiles reduce sub-roof temperature by about 17 degrees Celsius, ensuring lesser thermal impact on the roof surface. This in turn ensures reduced air conditioning costs.
–    The white appearance of the tiles makes it blend perfectly with any surrounding effortlessly, making it an aesthetically pleasing choice.
–    The tiles do not require any polishing.
–    The tiles ensure a smooth finish adding to the visual appeal of buildings.
–    The tiles are available in the ideal size of 1ft x 1ft, and are easy to install.
–    The reduced sub-roof temperature enhances comfort levels inside buildings.
–    The tiles conform to IS Std for ce-ment concrete tiles, apart from ECBC, IGBC, TERI, MoEF and CPWD norms for cool roofs.

For further details:
Office No. 9, 12/11, Station View Road,
Kodambakkam, Chennai-600024
Ph: +91-44-45588245
Web: www.thermatek.co.in


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