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Innovative Technology Developed by CSIR-CECRI Karaikuri– NUCON-300 Corrosion Resistant Inhibitive Admixture Alternate to Rebar Coating

RCC structure

In fact, when we design any RCC structure Corrosion on Reinforcement bar is a major concern and generally when we reach at less than half of designed service life, process of corrosion on reinforcement bar start taking place which proves havoc on the later stages.

Presently different Anti corrosive coatings like Cement Polymer Composite Coating (CPCC), Epoxy Coating, Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating, Cement Slurry Coating- 4 step treatment etc. are available in the market,

As the process of coating on reinforcement bar has different demerits &limitations there was a great demand to develop some effective, economical, low dosage & user friendly additive which can be mixed while making concrete at site or at RMC Plant itself without affecting physical properties of concrete to enhance corrosion free life of RCC structures.



Seeing the demand and need of time CLEANFLO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, Delhi (India) in Technical Association with CSIR-CECRI (A PREMIER R&D INSTITUTE IN THE WORLD) UNDER THE MINISTRY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY GOVT OF INDIA, started working on it around two decade ago and finally came up with excellent product Known as NUCON -300 “Corrosion Resistant Inhibitive Admixture for reinforcement bar embedded in concrete”.

Inimitable Advantages:

  • User & Eco-friendly
  • Extremely suitable for high chloride environments
  • Non toxic in nature
  • Does not affect the physical properties of concrete concern
  • Involves a simple step of adding the admixture during the preparation of concrete.
  • Alternate to Rebar Coating
  • Does not affect the bond strength of concrete


NUCON-300 is highly suitable for all types of RCC structures situated in Marine, Aggressive, Mild and Moderate Environments like:

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