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    ISRO launches heavy satellite with its heaviest-ever vehicle

    GSLV Mk3 lifts off

    The Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) collected another feather in its now-highly endowed cap with the successful launch of its heaviest-ever vehicle. A minute before 5 30 PM, the huge rocket, dubbed “Bahubali”  by the Telugu press, blasted  off successfully, carrying on it, the GSAT-19, India’s heaviest ever satellite, weighing  3,136 kg.

    BREAKTHROUGH VEHICLE:  ISRO made another first for India with its latest GSLV Mark 3 rocket, 150 feet high, weighing 640 tons, is a heavy-duty geosynchronous launch vehicle which can carry 10-ton loads and put them into low earth orbit, or  four-ton satellites and place them in geosynchronous transfer orbit. ISRO also seem to have exorcised the ghost of past cryogenic engine failure after its recent, successful GSLV launches. Loaded with solid and liquid propellants, the GSLV has an additional 28 tons of cryogenic fuel.

    The GSAT-19 is India’s geostationary communication satellite with a range of uses and one that serves for ten years.

    Significantly, this cryogenic engine is fully indigenous and the latest success gives a huge boost to India’s space efforts.


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