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Jang E Azadi – War Memorial & Museum


The concept of the Jang-e-Azadi memorial and museum is based on a circular enclosure which houses the focal centre of the memorial and integrates it with a harmonious ensemble of galleries amplifying the struggle and sacrifice for freedom around a ceremonial path. The aim is to design a lively museum which involves not only the surrounding community but also an important place for tourists. The iconic memorial will house statues of about 10 martyrs in the middle. It will have a huge atrium with spacious galleries equipped with LEDs.

Outside, there will be six smaller foliage-like structures, housing a 150-seat movie hall, 300- seat auditorium, temporary exhibition gallery, library, 500-seat amphitheater and a 1000- seat open-air theatre. Another attraction will be the 45.5-m-high Shahid-e-Minar at the entrance of the memorial. The amphitheater will showcase daily programs based on the annual calendar, giving an opportunity to the students and theatre artistes to depict history and culture of Punjab.

The Government of Punjab came up with this prestigious project and handed it over to Deepak Builders (Ludhiana). It has come up in 25 acres with around 5 acres earmarked for parking of vehicles. The main iconic memorial of the building is in the shape of foliage will be 43.08 m in height. The four leaves coming up in a cluster will be raised using Kota marble. This entire project costs $3 bn.

Higher – farther – deeper: Schwing Boom pump

Truck mounted concrete pumps maintain nowadays a firm place in a construction site. In their use is often the answer to efficient, economical progress on construction sites. The advantages are obvious: High mobility, larger outputs, minimal manpower, short setup time. A truck mounted concrete pump can be employed in several construction sites during one day. With its reach of 36 meters, the Schwing boom pump improves productivity and ensure a uniform and fast distribution of the concrete. The four folding jacks telescope hydraulically so that single operator can erect the machine even in construction sites with confined spaces.

Schwing roll n’ fold system with four stage application is best for all round applications. SCHWING S 36 X is India’s favourite pump in the 36-meter class. Mountable on all 3 axle chassis of all leading truck manufacturers, the pumps prime mover is the truck’s engine itself. This reduces the weight of the pump and helps save fuel. This PTO system reduces operating costs and enables easy maintenance. The unique design of the SCHWING super X outrigger offers more space for storage of accessories. While allowing the pump’s super structure to be placed directly on the truck chassis.



Optional features such as the one-sided stabilizing system “EASY”, the concrete stop valve at the end hose and the automatic lighting system are also available. S 36 X, 4 – section roll and fold system, height 36 m, all purpose application. The radio remote control with its intuitive keys and warning systems helps operators to quickly learn to operate the pump. The rock valve combines with the open hydraulic circuit reduces operating costs while enabling concrete pumping of higher pressures.

Grade of M40 was used for the slab and M30 (30mpa) grade was required for the rest of the 3 project. 35,000 m3 was pumped with maximum horizontal reach of 37 m with the help of S36 X boom pump. Total length of concrete was 43 m out of which 30 m was horizontal and 25-30 m vertical and rest was pushed with the help of tower crane. Broken aggregates from local quarries were used and sand was sourced from River and also from crushed rock. Stetter CP30 Batching Plant Star batcher was used in this project for concrete production. This good flow self-compacting concrete will ensure no segregation and also have a good pumpability.

Curved – circular – 3 dimensional

This project is not conventional, it is curved, circular and 3 dimensional, which made this project quite challenging since it was done first time in Punjab in this type of architect after Lotus temple and it was single handedly owned by Schwing Boom Pump. This awesome architecture is built by Raj Rewal Associates from Delhi. In order to adhere to stipulated timelines, Deepak builders installed Schwing Stetter CP30 batching plant in this prestigious project for concrete production. The concrete from batching plant was transported using 6m3 transit mixers which uploaded the concrete into SP 1400 pump with rock valve technology for slab work. Subsequently, the concrete which was collected by transit mixers is then fed into S36 X Boom pump for the rest of the project. For the efficient work progress, the cleaning system components were kept organized. 40,000m3 concrete was poured throughout the project which was single handed by S36 X boom pump. Seasons didn’t make much difference to construction though the temperature was 0 to -2 degree celsius in winter and 46 to 47 degree celsius in summer.

Schwing Stetter Batching plant CP30 used to produce 30m3 per hour. When the project started, people were more concerned about the completion time but CP30 and S36X made it possible within 18 months with 35,000 m3 concrete. SP 1400 stationary pump was used to fill the slab where 3,000 m3 of concrete was pumped which was transported by transit mixers and fed to pump and rest was handled by concrete boom pump alone which was again transported by transit mixers from batching plant to the required area. The average concrete production of plant was 30m3/hr. The concrete used for the project was primarily M30, with a small portion of M40 grade. The boom pump S36 X with its 36-meter reach improved productivity and ensured uniform and faster distribution of concrete at the project site. With its 36-meter range, S36 X accelerated the process of moving concrete across the circular & curve shape monument. Pump was reliable in its operations. After 30 m of height, Deepak Builders used tower cranes to push the concrete to the height of 42 m. Schwing Stetter Service team was given the Operation & Maintenance contract to execute the pumping. The entire project was completed with very little spare parts consumption.

Deepak Singal, Owner – Deepak Builders

It is an international level project with beautiful architecture in Punjab state and we are proud to be connected with this prestigious project. He also added that it’s been 8 years with SSIPL and no doubt we are buying machines from this trusted brand. He also said that Deepak builders has great attachment with Punjab Government and already connected with few of the prestigious Government project across the State. About Schwing equipment, he mentioned, Schwing S36 X boom pump is being used for the first time in his projects and will be used for many more in future. Schwing equipment has saved them in their capital cost, time and workforce thus adding to their profitability. He also added that the technical support extended by SSI for this unique and challenging project was tremendous and we chose SSI because of their remarkable reputation in the industry and 8 years of great experience. The best part about DBS is that he personally supervise each & every project.


Mr. Mohinder P Singh – Project Manager – Deepak Builders

Mr. Mohinder Singh felt that this project was challenging so they were looking for a concrete partner who should be committed and can perform as per their expectations. He has worked with JayPee group earlier in Delhi for almost 5 years where he came across Schwing machines and said no doubt Schwing Stetter machines are very good. He also told, we have Boom pump, batching plant and Transit mixers in this prestigious project. He also mentioned that maintenance cost is also low and service is wonderful. 35,000 m3 pumped in a year with single boom pump was big achievement. He said, project itself was a big challenge since it is not conventional or straight, it is curved, circular and three dimensional building. It is also being done in Punjab first time with this type of design after Lotus temple in Delhi. We have multiple machines of Schwing Stetter in various sites across the state working perfectly with no barriers.

Deepak Builders – Our vision for your future

The Deepak Builders constructs with a conscience luxury integrated with superior qualityand understated grandeur. The spirit of creativity and perfection of the organization is reflected in its endeavors to achieve excellence, a quality perfected in serving the nation for the past two decades. Company deals in construction of bridges, international stadiums, flyovers, hospitals, roads, colleges and Government buildings. Through the times, the Deepak Builders has leveraged its phenomenal success and outstanding reputation in the market. They are known for its design ingenuity, superior quality professionalism and on-time delivery, Today the Deepak Builders, manned by highly qualified professionals and equipped with latest technology, has expanded into the creation of World class commercial offices, retail complexes, office cum retail projects and hotels. They also aspire and aim to continue the development and delivery of outstanding commercial complexes and futuristic townships of international standards.

The Deepak Builders is a brainchild of Mr. Deepak Singal, who established it in the year 1987, with focus on the construction and development of luxury apartments in Ludhiana.

Products:- Construction services, company deals in construction of bridges, international stadiums, flyovers, hospitals, roads, colleges, Government buildings.

Projects:- Ram Tirath, indoor hockey stadium, Judicial complex, Golden temple beautification, Ludhiana stadium and many more.

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