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    Johammer J1 — electric motorcycle of the future will also power your home


    The Johammer J1, a cruiser designed and built in a small Austrian factory near the Czech border, with a distinctive shape of a giant peanut,  while parked might also double as battery storage behind home solar-power panels.  First released in late 2014, some 60 Johammers are storming across Europe. While it is the first electric motorcycle to cover more than 300 kilometers (186 miles) on a single charge, the next generation, now under development, make it even more revolutionary.  A crowdfunding campaign has just started to help fund expansion.  The bike’s top speed is limited to around 75 miles an hour to avoid energy-sapping wind resistance.  Two versions of the J1 are available. The top spec J1.200 costs 25,000 euros ($26,750), capable of traveling 125 miles on tough terrain, and 186 miles urban. A full recharge takes 3.5 hours, but it can be blast-charged in 80 minutes.  The battery is assembled at the Johammer factory from more than 1,200 individual cells capable of holding 12 kilowatt hours. There are plans for a sidecar model, which would allow a bigger battery and increased range. Ultimately, the Johammer’s selling point is about pushing technology and design. 

    Source: bloomberg.com


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