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    Kashi among smart cities set for town planning revamp

    Smart Cities

    In the first phase, the ministry has chosen 25 out of 100 Smart Cities for the town planning revamp. Varanasi has been chosen from UP being the most ancient and extremely congested, unplanned city.

    R Srinivas, town and country planner, MoHUA’s Town and Country Planning Organization laid the guidelines for local area plans (LAPs) and town plan schemes (TPS) of the selected 25 cities, including PM’s constituency Varanasi, at the ‘Transforming Urban Landscape’ event organised by MoHUA at IGP on Saturday. He added that Rs 2 crore would be provided as central assistance to each of the 25 cities for preparing LAP/TPS.

    The model has been successfully adopted by Ahmedabad town planning department which gave a presentation at the event.

    Under the plan, the future infrastructure needs of a city have to be identified and planned 25-30 years in advance and the existing urban set-up tweaked accordingly so that there is ample space for roads, drains, green spaces without disturbing locals and supporting rapid housing activities.

    Alka Singh, deputy director, Regional Centre for Urban and Environmental Studies, said, “This is a very successful model as the administration doesn’t need to acquire land. It simply creates ample space for roads, drains, greens paces by consent of people in return of incentives in the form of increased floor-area ratio.”

    While revising planning, the corporation gives developers the option to increase vertical growth of their building if they leave space for roads and drains. The road-width is predetermined, based on future needs of the city.

    “People willingly cooperate with the change as no acquisition is involved and narrow roads widen eventually benefiting public,” she added.

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