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    Kochi to host summit on coastal shipping and waterways

    Coastal Shipping

    Kochi will host the fifth edition of Coastal Shipping and Inland Water Transportation Business Summit 2017 on September 22 at Hotel Crown Plaza.

    The summit will be an initiative to explore the immense potential of coastal shipping and waterways as well as an effort to build a shared commitment and decipher the role that each stakeholder will have to play in integrating the coastal and waterways transport infrastructure.

    Former Shipping Secretary K Mohandas who is the chairman of the summit said that a shift from land based transportation of cargo to water based movement can happen.

    This will only be possible with deliberate, well-coordinated efforts from the governments, the infrastructure providers, the trade, the cargo owners and the shipping industry. Together, they have to find the pragmatic path forward and this conference is expected to facilitate that.

    The seminar will create a platform to discuss various topics like Indian Coastal Shipping & Inland Water Transport: Policies, Current Updates & Vision, IWAI’s perspective to propelling India’s trade and economic growth.

    This will have a particular focus on Kerala, understanding the cargo owners perspective to align, engage and forge a commitment towards an instant modal shift.

    This will help in reviving coastal shipping; call to move and handle domestic cargo on the coast waters and river-borne trade.

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