Lakhta Centre is an iconic skyscraper built in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The skyscraper boasts of a striking barbed design and a sleek curved façade – inspired by the cannals and architecture of the city.

Energy Efficiency at the forefront –

Creating a structure that is both iconic in its appearance and service life was amongst the core aspiration of the designers from RMJM. Several environmental strategies were put in place during the design and planning of the Laktha Centre, and have resulted in innovative and efficient energy saving solutions. These include:

  • Double-layered skin (double façade) using double glazing
  • Double façade system combines with infrared radiators – as opposed to conventional heaters – to mitigate excess heat loss
  • Use of floating floors
  • Energy and water savings through the use of motion detectors
  • Smart waste disposal systems
  • Use of ice generators and ice storage enables electricity savings of upto 13 thousand rubles per day
  • Building lighting and illumination is designed to make the building bird-safe especially in the periods of migration.
  • To prevent icing of the spire, engineers changed glassing to the metal gauze

It is reported that in order to make the building efficient, approximately 100 innovations have been used – which is expected to increase the indexes of energy saving by 40% when compared to the buildings where standard technologies are in use.

More Interesting Facts – Laktha Centre

  • The Laktha Centre is the tallest building in Russia and in Europe, standing tall at 462 metres. Construction of this building began on 30th October 2012 and was completed on 29th January 2018, however, is not yet opened for use and occupation.
  • The building holds the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous pour of concrete.
  • The building incorporates the largest volume of glass ever used on a high-rise building – 16,500 curved glass panels were installed.


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