Guiyang is a city in the south western region of China and is a relatively ordinary city, except for the fact that it is home to world’s largest man-made waterfall. What’s even more fascinating is the fact that this 108m tall waterfall cascades off a 121m tall building.

Developed by the Ludi Industry Group, the architects wanted to pay tribute to the rugged and natural landscape that surrounds the city.

Unfortunately, however, the waterfall is rather rarely turned on as it costs almost $118 per hour to keep the four pumps operational. As a result, the waterfall is used only on select occasions.

The striking feature is in part a response to the continuing construction boom across China, which has tempted developers to strive for attention with unique and sometimes weird forms of architecture.

Another such example is the China Central Television’s futuristic designed-building nicknamed “The Big Underpants”.

Do you consider the Liebian Building to be an architectural marvel? Let us know.


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