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Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction Gains Ground in India


The rapid growth of the construction industry in India since the early 1990s has seen the advent of several new concepts and technologies, perhaps none other bigger than the increase in the number of steel buildings. In fact, it won’t be a misnomer to say that the age of steel buildings has arrived in India. Gleaming steel structures are sprouting up quite literally everywhere, particularly in urban areas these days. The key reason behind their increasing popularity is that steel is no longer confined to being used only for industrial buildings or warehouses. Today, from airport terminals to hangars, mega retail outlets, metro stations, even residential structures, you name it and designers can come up with steel buildings for the purpose. Leading this revolution in steel construction is Elemente. The company has been a trendsetter in the field of light gauge steel frames and construction, having completed many successful projects both in India and abroad.

Lead by a team of highly competent and experienced professionals, Elemente has been specializing in light steel construction systems since its first implementation in India. Under the dynamic leadership of Vijayant Jaiswal, President, Elemente is a name that has established itself in various fields like mining, furniture and hotel industry. A true visionary, who foresaw the potential for light gauge steel construction in the country, his open-minded approach in adopting latest technologies has been behind Elemente’s rapid success. Going into details about the company’s specialization, Vijayant Jaiswal pointed out, “We operate in the wood and steel construction sector with a quality-focused production perception. We use materials that comply with TSE, DIN, ISO, ASTM and AISI norms.” Adding further he said that the constructed buildings are in line with earthquake and heating codes. The buildings are also suitable to different soil and climatic conditions. These steel buildings also maintain their reliability after delivery and make for economic solutions.

Huge Growth Potential

With both the infrastructure and real estate sectors demanding construction solutions that offer a combination of economy, strength and speed, while also wanting aesthetically pleasing buildings, light steel construction solutions offered by Elemente have come as a boon. Explains Rishi Jaiswal, who is the MD and an Electrical Engineer, having more than a decade of experience in project management in the IT industry and whose infectious enthusiasm and leadership qualities have enabled it to scale heights in various sectors, “Steel is also the most widely recycled material around the world. This ensures energy savings and adds to its sustainability factor.” Going into the history of steel construction, Rishi Jaiswal observed that steel use is incomparably higher in countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany, Finland, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, Middle East and Japan, than in India. He however, also pointed out that it is a sector that light gauge steel construction has got huge growth potential since what has been tapped is only the tip of the iceberg.

The use of steel as the main construction material has caught on around the world in the last decade. In Germany for example, the German Steel Information Centre has brought together 12 manufacturers of steel in November 1999 to establish the ‘Steel Residential Partnership’ to promote steel in dwellings. Similarly, in the USA steel in the housing sector has been popular since 1993. In countries which have got earthquake prone regions such as Japan and the USA, people prefer steel frame houses to feel safe.

In this day and age of Green Buildings, another key factor going in favour of steel is the fact that it scores high on the sustainability front. Speaking about this key aspect, Anuj Sharma, the young entrepreneur, who started this company, he is the backbone of the company, and the technical brain behind the design, manufacture and execution of steel frames quipped,” Steel is durable and reusable. Materials obtained from the removal of steel buildings can be 100% recycled.”

Steel buildings can be disassembled and build up again several times. No matter, how many times this process is repeated, steel maintains its features and doesn’t harm the environment. No wonder steel is becoming a popular choice given the rising emphasis on environment-friendly construction methods nowadays.

Steel construction comes with a host of advantages. Cost-effectiveness perhaps tops the list for contractors. Dwelling on the point, Jeesh Venmarath, a B.E (Civil), who is the Regional Director of the company and PMI trained Project Manager, with over 10 years of experience in project management, observed, “Prefabricated load bearing elements in steel provide high quality for reasonable prices and shorten the construction period to a great extent.” Thanks to its high load bearing capacity, steel structural members are produced as small profiles and sizes, are lighter, without compromising on quality. As the sizes of the load bearing elements are far smaller than concrete, usable space is a lot bigger in steel buildings, which enables more efficient use of the building space, adding to the overall economy of construction.

Another key advantage that has been behind the increasing adoption of steel construction is its excellent performance even in seismic zones. High-lighting this fact, Gurpreet Singh Sihota, an MBA, who is the Director-Technical of Elemente, having extensive experience in structural implementation having constructed more than 200 no’s of buildings globally, said,” Steel is the most earthquake resistant construction material thanks to its high resistance, flexibility and lightness. As it is a very light material, it can resist impacts without breaking apart. The factor to reduce the earthquake force is the lighter weight of steel buildings.” He further pointed out that the bigger the mass the stronger would be the force of the earthquake imposed on the building. Steel houses are five times lighter than the concrete building, which means that the earthquake force imposed on the buildings is five times lesser.

Another major advantage with steel is the time saved on construction. Elemente, with its extensive expertise in the field has been setting newer benchmarks for the industry with its strict adherence to project completion schedules. The construction process is quick with steel, since it is independent from weather conditions and concrete is not needed except for the foundation and subbasement. This allows for cost cutting in capital and construction costs. In fact, assembling of two houses of 2000 sqr. mtr. can be completed in an amazing seven days with steel construction.



Advantages Galore

Steel also gives engineers and architects the freedom to be creative because of its flexibility. Adaption to rapidly changing lifestyles is more easily and economically achieved with steel buildings. Partition walls, for example, can be removed or their places changed to meet changing needs, even years after the construction. Steel also scores high on the durability front, since it is highly resistant to corrosion and doesn’t rust. Additionally, steel also protects against lighting strikes, since the protection installation creates a path going towards the land and diminishes the risk of explosions and therefore, offer a much safer option.

One can get all these advantages with steel construction, without compromising on the quality front. Stringent adherence to quality standards has been one of the cornerstones of Elemente’s phenomenal growth story. Steel that is used in construction is generally checked and certified in every production step. Manufacturers or users cannot therefore, intervene with its physical features. Theoretical calculations are valid at the implementation. As steel is not hidden in concrete in the case of steel buildings, it can always be checked too.

With so many advantages on offer, it is not surprising that the use of light gauge steel frames is fast becoming a preferred choice in India, as in the case with several other parts of the world.

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