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Light Gauge Wall Framing and Deep Deck Profile Sheeting

Light Gauge

Velox Ingenium specializes in adapting the latest trends in Building Technology and Engineering. They provide Planning, Architecture, Design, and Construction, Project management and BIM Services and Management Infrastructure with specific emphasis on Public Private (PP). The prime services of the company include construction of RCC, Hot Rolled Steel Buildings, Light Gauge Framing and Low-Cost Housing. Their other services include Architectural & Structural Design, Construction Management, Building Solutions and Finance Solutions.

In the light of modern technique being adopted, BHARAT THEJ DOGGA, DIRECTOR, VELOX INGENIUM INFRA PVT LTD believes that Cold form steel housing have slowly gained immense market in India. Instead of using custom profiles supplied by roll forming manufacturers, more stress has to be given to engineering new cold form profiles that could address the problems in Economically weaker sections housing.”

Narrated below is a case study in this regard. The concept of Deep Deck Profile and Optimal Design Philosophy needs to be taken into account for an understanding of the profile dimension of the structure.

Deep Deck Profile

The advantage of Light gauge framing design where frame act like a shear wall with slab diaphragm should be taken into account to determine deep deck profile dimensions. Sufficient care need to be taken to ensure diaphragm action and its connection to the wall frames.

Optimal Design Philosophy

Staged construction loads to be considered for the deck design. Maximum spans upto 20′ are possible but do check for the natural frequency with dead load alone. Minimum number of walls to be used, also ensuring maximum lateral restraint while planning. Optimal tonnage would 20-25Kg/m2.




Design Alignment

Wall panels are designed with 100mm web profile and 1mm thick with 350 Mpa yield strength. 1mm deck profile is 120mm deep with crest spacing of 125mm and 350 Mpa yield strength.


One disadvantage cold form housing (CFH) have as to precast slab is that CFH needs the false ceiling to clad the open joists. This adds to a mandatory finishing cost. Also, the typical profile being U or Lipped C, exposing joists do collect dust inside the profiles. Moreover, slab shall be casted by running 0.6mm deck sheet on top of the joists which also adds up in costing.

By introducing a deep, thick profile sheet, we can avoid joists thereby saving on the steel consumption. Time for construction also comes down adding on the margins. The typical spans planned generally in an EWS house may not be larger than 15’. The design steel consumption came to 20Kg/m2.

The steel frame is erected with deck in a day. EPS is used for thermal insulation with welded wire fabric tied to the external wall frame. Proper care has to be taken while splicing the wire mesh to the slab reinforcement. In 5 days since the start, the framework with mesh and deck slab reinforcement are put up.

The exterior wall is shot-created and plastered while the internal wall face is cladded with 8mm fibre cement board and 12.5mm gypsum board on top of it. Electrical provisions and plumbing lines are drawn before board fittings internally. Slab concreting is done once the primary shot-crete is done at the exterior.

The cladded shell with electrical and plumbing lines is ready with the concrete slab in 18 days since the start. It took 13 more days to finish the structure with painting, floor tiling, door/window fitting, and painting.


– Light gauge steel with – 640Kg Board area – 92 Sq.m
– Slab concrete – 3.2Cu.m Floor area – 313 Sq.Ft
– Shotcrete – 2.1 Cum EPS & Welded mesh area – 88 Sq.m
– Exterior plaster 12mm – 1 Cum


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