The Luxury of Prefab Construction!

The Luxury of Prefab Construction!

Prefab Construction
Esthete Designers & Builders Pvt Ltd.

Esthete, a Bengaluru based Design & Build company established in 2009, has evolved over the years to emerge as a Complete Hi-Tech Prefab and Technology based Building Construction and Interiors Company. The primary aim of Esthete is to build an Indian Company which would become a big player in the Design & Build Sector, catering to mid-sized and Individual construction needs. From architectural planning to the actual construction using the latest technologies, Esthete provides comprehensive and aesthetic solutions to all projects, be it residential, institutional or commercial. Esthete has its own manufacturing facility located at Harohalli in Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru.

Masterbuilder had a one-to-one conversation with Mr. Hamsavardhan, Founder-Director of Esthete Designers & Builders Pvt Ltd., wherein he shared insights on the adaptability and versatility of prefab technology, the importance of timeline for projects and how embracing new technologies and materials in the construction sector will propell India into the league of great nations.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

How is your prefab system coping in the era of cost cutting?

There are a lot of players in the market who are trying to pull the price down to make it affordable which is fine and needed.  Essentially, new technologies are aimed towards providing a higher quality at greater speeds. Not all technologies are competing to bring the cost down! It is wrong to think that construction using prefabrication technologies should be of lower cost. In actuality it just the reverse. Since it is created in a factory, availability of direct supervision and quality control ensure better components. This is where this technology from the traditional on-site masonry based construction. If time is money, then faster construction would definitely save money

Better quality of construction and finish are much easier to achieve through prefabrication technology. At Esthete, we are more concerned about quality than focusing on the cost reduction aspects. We would like to prove that this technology can serve high-end clients who are looking at luxurious spaces as well as mid-segment quality conscious clients.

So you are targeting luxurious villas for showcasing  the work?

When we talk of luxury, it cannot be achieved without high-quality materials, workmanship and detailing. Only a well-built environment give you a sense of well-being and luxury. This is our conviction. If you look at high-end shopping complexes, malls, hospitality sector, villas… all of them use quality materials and products in their buildings. Luxury and quality of life is a conscious choice and not an accident. We want to give both quality and good aesthetics.



New segments such as hospitals and schools are now adopting newer technologies in their buildings. Are you targeting these segments too?

Yes, we are moving towards these segments definitely! Construction and education; these two are the slowest sectors to catch up with the trends of technology, especially in our country.  We are still holding to old methods, but there is a definite forward movement there. The technology that we are talking about is already 100 years old elsewhere! We are still struggling with quality and labour issues in construction despite having access to newer technologies at comparable costs. Time has come for us to catch up with the rest of the world and embrace newer technologies without bias.

For any built structure, there is a lifespan and deterioration point.  How does one estimate the life of a prefabricated building?

The light gauge structural steel that we use is a comes factory-coated with a certified galvalume coating. Studies have shown that this coating has a life cycle of about 90 years. In any case, once the structure of the building is completed, the steel is completely hidden. It is not exposed to the weather or moisture. Considering these factors, prefab construction can be safely assumed to have the same life cycle as any normal construction.

It has been said that every zone in India is a potentially an earthquake-prone area. In light of these findings, are there any advantages intrinsic to the technology that Esthete offers?

Yes. It is true that an earthquake can strike anywhere on earth! It is only the probability that varies. The technology used in this system for construction is proven to be the most resistant to earthquakes and the best seismically resistant option available to common man. Another added advantage of this system is the ability for us to design and build luxurious buildings in the most remote and inaccessible areas where even transportation is impossible. Because the structural components that would be used in our buildings are made at our factory and generally the elements are lightweight, carrying them becomes easy.  We are, in fact, doing villas in a very remote area in Ooty, where there is no road access to the site, but our materials can be carried there owing to its lightweight nature. The accuracy of measurement is another major factor which facilitates ordering of windows, doors and even the interior fitted furniture even before the construction has begun.

What is the average construction time period of this system?

If you take 2000 sq ft house as an example, our robotic machines that produce all the components can produce all of it in 24 hrs via an enhanced software interface. One day is all we need to produce all the materials. Assembling and erection at the site are also lightning fast.  Only the finishing takes some time as there are not many many advanced systems developed for this crucial stage. It is possible to complete a 2000 sq ft house, fully finished, in just six to eight WEEKS! Our prefab system combined with our ‘no-compromise’ approach ensures that our clients get top class finishes and high-end quality at a jaw-droppingly short period of time!