This video showcases the construction of the Lycee Charles de Gaulle school in Chile using the pre-engineering concept. The construction took place over a period of 7 weeks – despite obstruction from rains and bad weather.

The building has three floors and more than 2,180 square meters. The biggest challenge in the construction of this school was not just the logistical aspect but also the complexities involved in developing a structure used primarily for students. Safety and security plus an attractive, colorful design became the top priority.

The school is the largest and and most ambitious pre-engineered metal structure in Chile.

In last few years India’s PEB industry has grown at the rate of 12-13% and is expected to grow at the rate of 15- 20% in the coming years. New upcoming food parks, Cold storage, Go-downs, Power plants, Low rise mass housing will be the major growth drivers for the sector. The industry has huge potential and we expect a bright future with lots of new opportunities for the industry.


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