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Making a Mark with Fused Wire Mesh Technology


Several new technologies have made their entry and changing the very face of the Indian construction industry. Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) is one such technology that comes with a host of advantages. NBC Weldmesh is considered a pioneer in this field in the country. The company began as a professional manufacturer of welded wire mesh in 1995 to provide specialized solutions in the fields of construction, storage solutions, cooling towers, etc, and has made rapid inroads into the Indian market.

Reinforced concrete construction which is the backbone to any infrastructural project depends for its performance on two its prime elements- concrete and reinforcement. Just as mechanization of concrete production namely mix design, auto batching plants, 25mm x 16mm Weldmeshready mix technology, and automated casting techniques have raised the standards and strengths of concrete to remarkable levels, the same is essential for reinforcement.

The process of tying up individual bars is an obsolete technique. Instead usage of welded wire fabric (WWF) is the easy and correct solution for achieving the requirements of quality, reliability, speed and efficiency. WWF is a prefabricated reinforcement consisting of a series of parallel longitudinal wires and bars accurately FUSED to cross wires at the required spacing.

NBC Weldmesh has its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Chennai. The company’s product range is unique and customized. Baffle plates, Diaphragms, Wall Separators, Concrete for Plinths and Big Shapes are Weld Mesh from Aluminium Formworkfew of the many unique products of the company.

Application areas of the products include

– Aluminium Formwork
– Precast Elements
– Walls
– Slabs
– Industrial Flooring
– Airports
– Pavements
– Other applications include such as in bridge deck slabs, piers, manhole chambers, columns, parking lots, swimming pool, culverts, canal lining and tunnels.Weldmesh Walls

A strong quality focus has been NBC Weldmesh’s hallmark. The company believes in investing in quality and maintains a fully equipped laboratory and implements a quality system based on the standards of International Standard ISO 9001:2000. Manufacturing as per international standards has been one of the key reasons behind the company’s remarkable growth story.

Manufacturing as per international standards

The various advantages offered by the use of NBC Weldmesh’s range of products include

1. Better bonding behavior: The bonding behavior of weldmesh is much higher as against the peripheral area which is responsible for bonding to concrete in the case of individual bars; the rigid mechanical interconnections of fused wires are primarily responsible for stress transfer from concrete to steel and vice-versa of “welded mesh”.
Weldmesh Arch2. Economic, better crack resistance with thinner wire/closing space: The anchorage of each fusion at each intersection imparts immense deal of homogeneity to the R.C.C section as a whole; The 2 dimensional uniform distribution of welded mesh with concrete achieves better plate behavior in slabs. Welded mesh with thinner wire and closer spacing minimizes the crack widths and preserves structural integrity of slab.
3. Saving of time, labor and binding wire: Welded mesh consumption saves about 2% to 5% of the binding wire used for reinforcement. Besides, the added advantage of dangling ends of binding wire which is a major cause of corrosion in reinforcement. Time and labor taken is 10% against conventional in direct mesh placement.
Weldmesh for Storage Racks4. Saving on cutting, bending and placement: Weldmesh is supplied in cut to size lengths and widths as per drawings. This ensures no wastage of end bits or removal of the end bits to appropriate area, thereby also saving on extra manpower. The mesh has to be just placed and concrete poured.

In a nutshell the essence of Weldmesh is ‘Saving: Steel +Labour+Time’. With its manifold advantages this technology’s popularity in the construction industry is rising by the day.

For further details:
NBC Weldmesh Pvt. Ltd.
2/31, Thatchur Koot Road, Panjeti, Ponneri Taluk – 601 204.
Ph: +91 9440 48880 / +91 94440 59990
E-mail: nbcweldmesh@gmail.com
Web: www.nbcweldmesh.co.in


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