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Making Buildings Future Ready…

Indian Real estate market

A report by Jones Lang LaSalle projects the Indian Real estate market size to be USD 180 Billion by 2020, making the housing sector’s contribution to the Indian GDP almost double to more than 11% in the same period.

Needless to say, Innovation and smart construction have the potential to transform the productivity of the construction sector, improve capacity and improve the quality and performance of the buildings. Considering the growth in Real Estate, it is imperative that the industry adopts innovation and technology to optimize energy efficiency throughout a building’s life cycle.

When talking about Smart construction, one cannot negate the important role played by construction materials. The right choice of material can go a long way into ensuring a building’s better performance.

Wienerberger is a global leader in this space, and its façade and roof solutions bring the very best of international innovation customized for the Indian markets.

Aspect Façade Solution

Aspect is Wienerberger’s clay ventilated dry cladding solution, ideal for commercial buildings. In today’s world of technology and engineering advancement, the facades of buildings have found a unique place in terms of priority when it comes to construction…the mere beauty is not the only contributing factor that a façade can make towards construction of the building, but also various other factors that can help this single element play a crucial role in the construction or post- construction stage. The façade, in a way, can be seen as a sort of “interface” between the inner and outer environs.

By definition, good architecture implies an unending creative quest for new applications. The use of clay for facade cladding is perfectly attuned to this philosophy. Clay tiles have already been used for protecting dormer windows, gables end and blind facades. But they also offer major technical and architectural advantages as facade cladding.

Facade and curtain wall systems are of paramount importance when considering issues of green building and sustainable design. It becomes imperative for a building construction specialist to understand the importance of improving the performance and sustainability of the building envelope, and commit oneself to support sustainable design efforts.

A correctly executed facade cladding, with clay façade tiles, is an excellent heat insulator. Thanks to its mass, ceramic has a high heat buffering capacity. The effect is as if the house were sheathed in a continuous second skin. This minimizes heat loss in winter and prevents overheating during summer.

In addition, thick layers of insulating material can be inserted between the load-bearing structure and the ceramic facade. This facilitates meeting the strictest U-value requirements for vertical walls.

Also thanks to their mass, clay tiles have good acoustic insulating properties. For example, they ensure excellent soundproofing in the event of hail.

Ingenuity and sophistication are the hallmarks of Aspect – offering a selection of superior terracotta panels to fulfill the imaginative design aspirations of Architects…

Aspect clay facades provide the visual impact of a timeless modern façade with the distinctive character of natural clay. Its appeal, when combined with steel, glass and wood lies in its subtlety, symmetry, natural elegance and timeless perfection.

Wienerberger’s Clay façade solutions have created a union between natural tradition and state-of-the-art technology. High strength and tested safety make Aspect façades suitable for homes, offices and public buildings.

The tiles are made entirely from natural raw materials derived from a sustainable source to create a pleasing effect inside the building. By keeping the heat from entering inside, a cool and comfortable indoor climate is ensured.



Colour fast

The façade plates are colourfast and will not deteriorate  . Your façade´s charisma will give you lasting and enduring pleasure. Sophisticated firing processes and selected clays are key constituents in the production of the natural fired colours. Their outstanding feature is its  quality and weather resistance.


The variable joints and tile formats along with the tile properties prevent lateral shifting of the tiles and the penetration of driving rain. The compression of the vertical joints prevents rattling of the tiles in windy conditions. Firing at exceptionally high temperatures ensures the tiles resistance to fire as well as aggressive substances like acid rain.

Zero Maintenance

There is no need for further maintenance, if proper care has been taken during installation. The tiles are highly resistant to all kinds of weather conditions therefore ensuring the longevity of the colours. An ingenious drainage concept even prevents soiling. Therefore Aspect  façade retains its aesthetic appeal throughout the year.

Koramic Roof Solution

The roof is often the first element of a house’s visual appeal. To really make an impact, the house owner has a plethora of choices to make their home stand apart…facades and roofs being the most common components of the vision area, it makes it imperative for house owners to choose the material wisely.

Pitched roofs have been historically a common feature for independent houses especially in hill stations and coastal areas owing to various functional attributes…but from an aesthetic standpoint; pitched roofs lend a certain class to a building’s appearance.

Koramic Clay Roof tiles or Terracotta Roofing solutions are an offering from Wienerberger, the world’s largest producer of Clay building materials. The company has a distinguished reputation in the field of clay based, environmental- friendly, sustainable building products, with over 197 years of experience operating out of 204 production units across the world.

The Koramic range of Roof tiles mainly come from Wienerberger’s factories in France, Belgium and Germany.

In India, the available profiles currently include:

  • Alegra
  • Romane
  • Madura
  • Prima
  • Opalys
  • VHP
  • Actua
  • Modula

Everything is possible, because Koramic clay roof tiles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes: high-quality renovations acquire added value through the use of clay roof tiles with an aged appearance, but totally modern qualities, while traditional buildings demand a more classic Flemishroof tiles, a southern European style of construction is made perfect only with a Romane tile, while the flat roof tile accentuates strong, modern architecture.

Koramic roof tiles are offered in a total of more than 50 different colours. Naturally, the related accessories are also produced in the chosen colour.

Modern architecture is taking new paths and the many shaped parts available allow you to create the perfect appearance of your roof and façade. From a technical point of view, the appropriate accessories ensure the creation of a perfect roof.

For each type of Koramic tile, there is a complete range of shaped ceramic tiles, such as ridge tiles, verge tiles and many more, to guarantee the perfect appearance of the roof.

Wienerberger is also offering complete set accessories called Roof Component System along with Koramic Roof Solution. The roof components prevent water leakage at all vulnerable joints and also offers excellent thermal insulation through special underlays of the roof.

The accessories include: Roof window, valley seal, ridge roll, eves comb, Alu tape etc.

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