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Marini DuraRAP, helps India reclaim gold from its highways


In an exclusive interaction Blesson Varghese, one of India’s leading experts on asphalt recycling unveils the wonders of Marini’s asphalt recycing technology and its benifits.

Efficient and Durable, DuraRAP recycling technology from Marini is helping Indian road professionals to maximize their asphalt recycling. DuraRAP technology available from 0-100%, offers easy scalability in smart increments with low investment delivering very high returns. No doubt, Marini users are producing the highest amount of Recycled Asphalt Pavements (RAP) in the country, successfully and profitably.

Hot mix has an amazing characteristic this makes it the world’s number one recyclable product. The need to recycle, is no longer just a sustainable initiative, today recycling is a must for every professional road builder to optimise production costs, thanks to the aggregate and bitumen savings resulting from the use of modern recycling techniques.

Brief us on Marini’s background in asphalt recycling ?

Fayat group is the undisputed leader with its unparalleled experience in recycling; offering state-of-the-art solutions including in-plant, in-situ, hot, cold or warm solutions. Be it batch, or continuous asphalt plants; or be it stablization and recycling, Fayat group, as the world’s leading specialist, offers industry’s most exhaustive and complete recycling solutions, to meet every kind of need.

Fayat Group’s in-depth experience in civil engineering and the deft approach in understanding the challenges of professional road builders  needs, ensure that the solutions developed by the group delivers the highest quality of recycled mixes and the fastest return on investment.

DuraRAP  from Marini is an in-plant recycling solution refined over 40 years and a global experience of over 1500+ references.

Blesson Varghese
Blesson Varghese, Managing Director, Marini India Pvt. Ltd

Does recycling of asphalt pavement, compromise the quality and performance of pavements ?

There are three basic essentials that must be satisfied for asphalt pavement recycling to be successful. Recycled asphalt pavements must:

–    be cost effective,
–    be environmentally responsible, and
–    perform equivalent or better than virgin pavements.

Regardless of any technique that is used for asphalt recycling, these basic criteria’s are a must and should be complied in ab-solute terms. Any dilution of even one of these basic criteria’s would make re-cycling of asphalt undesirable and thereby loose all its benefits.

What is DuraRAP?

While there could be many techniques to produce RAP, what is key, is the “Durability” of the pavements. This is the acid test for any technique. Pavements laid with recycled asphalt must perform, and DuraRAP- is the solution that delivers the most important criteria for recycled pavements ie is  “Durability”.

A Durable RAP, cannot be produced if it is not environmentally compliant. Light oils & bitumen properties both in the virgin and the recycled asphalt would dissipate if the process of recycling on the plant were naïve, making the pavements less durable and more expensive than laying fresh asphalt mix.

A Marini equiped with Dura RAP solution
A Marini equiped with Dura RAP solution

Durability cannot be compromised, as the cost in terms of investments and resources for re-laying the job, could push a company in to heaps. DuraRAP there-fore, brings the most ideal & reliable solution to recycling in India.

What are key advantages of DuraRAP compared to other solutions ?

Marini DuraRAP, is a revolutionary technology from Fayat group offering a complete range (0-100%) of recycling solutions to professional road builders. The solutions can be in cold, hot or warm mediums, thereby maximizing the equipment and unleashing the Marini’s potential.

The major advantages of the DuraRAP system are :

Durable pavements: Each solution ensures prefect protection of bitumen (virgin and recycled), top notch rejuvenation and excellent metering & blending, to deliver best in class pavement performance. Anti-rut and Anti-ageing features further enhance the performance of the pavements to the next level.

Performance: The system is designed to ensure top notch performance of your asphalt plant while preventing wear and the need for maintenance, unlike other recycling systems.

Profitability: Top quality durable mix, precise control over metering & weighing, lower energy requirements and high uptime makes DuraRAP systems the best-in-class technology, reducing production costs and delivering the fastest return on investment.

Easy Scalability: Ever since our first patents, DuraRAP users, always desired to push the limits for use of RAP and so the DuraRAP systems are designed cognizant of the need for easy scalability and evolution readiness.

The evolution ready DuraRAP system allows you to move from zero to 100% RAP processing with great ease. Delivering minimal investments and maximum returns, allowing you to grow as you earn.

RAP stockpile at a Marini plant site
RAP stockpile at a Marini plant site

Tell us about the ease of implementing the DuraRAP technology on Marini asphalt plants ?

DuraRAP solutions can be offered along with a completely new installation or as customized solution to adapt to the evolution ready and future-fit Marini plant. Several such installations have been made in India and Marini has the highest reference of such plants.

Can DuraRAP be installed on non-Marini plants ?

Since our goal is to promote sustainability, we like non-Marini plant users to also benefit from this excellent technology. Its fit-for-all design feature allows easy retro-fitting on to any non-Marini plant. Availability in numerous modules and combinations, with top-notch service from Marini ensures a very ease transformation.

Update us on the iMix RAPPORT support solution from Marini ?

While every one produces asphalt mixes, we believe there is always an intelligent way to produce smart and profitable RAP mix. The iMix Rapport, program is designed to give professionals the edge and help produce recycled mixes the smart way.

High Quality RAP production on a Marini jobsite
High Quality RAP production on a Marini jobsite

With the iMix Rapport customers have:

–    Improved the durability and performance of their recycled mixes
–    Increased their RAP percentages and profits
–    Reduced energy & carbon footprints while increasing efficiency

With the iMix Rapport customers have:

–    Assistance to mix design
–    Recycled material processing
–    Plant configurations
–    Project Budgeting
–    Quality enhancement training and development.

For further details:
Marini India Pvt Ltd
Email: info@marini.co.in
Web: www.marini.co.in


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