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Masterscreed – High-Performance Concrete Laser Guided Machines

concrete laser guided machines

Masterscreed is well known for its high-performance concrete laser guided machines. Our products incorporate ground breaking and leading-edge technology to deliver maximum productivity and performance.


concrete laser guided machines

Spearheading the range are the MS550 and MS575 intelligent machines which work to an extremely high accuracy. The machines are compact and versatile, low-impact whilst offering innovative features that are adaptable to different working conditions, with quick setup, easy operation, low maintenance, and GPS diagnostics which make it possible to analyze and diagnose the machine from anywhere in the world.

All Masterscreed products are built in Belgium (Europe) from the finest components and materials that offer reliability, durability and low maintenance.


Detailed product information:

LEVmaster Mk3

The LEVmaster MK3 Levelling System is a fully automated platform that controls the machine and has an easy-to-use coloured interface and features. The LEVmaster MK3 is the foundation for the Masterscreed machines and uses the latest technology and built-in features making it a simple platform that ensures the machines can be used in many different applications to meet today’s working requirements. The LEVmaster MK3 allows the operator to fine tune and adjust the machine for each application, as required – this feature is unique and the cutting-edge technology allows the machine to adapt to different concrete slumps and conditions. It is a truly intelligent platform which has over 120 error code messages to make faults easy to locate, resolve and to maintain the machine in premium condition. The LEVmaster MK3’s optional wireless remote diagnostics allows our technicians to remotely diagnose faults and take corrective actions and change settings to improve performance from anywhere in the world – so that any issues that may arise can be resolved quickly resulting in less downtime to the user. IDA (intelligent drive assist) intelligent and innovative optional sensors are incorporated with the LEVmaster MK3 which act as eyes for the machine and detect obstacles in the front or at the rear of the machine – notifying the operator to prevent accidents or damage to the machine. The LEVmaster MK3 is fitted with a variable vibrator which allows the operator to adjust the vibration force and speed via remote for ultimate compaction. The LEVmaster MK3 is equipped with customised auto calibration elevation valves to consistently achieve great results. The LEVmaster MK3 has five settings which the operator can select to enable the machine to function at its best in all types of concrete slumps (low to high).


MS550 / Ms575

are equipped with high speed and high accuracy elevation valves for ultimate control levels. These are positioned near the elevation cylinder which help reduce lag time and improve floor level and flatness. The MS550 / MS575 offer a double blade auger head, which is ideal for multidirectional screeding steel fibers, and high tolerance floors. The machine is fitted with a new quick release clamp design for fast and easy connection to elevation cylinders. The MS550 design is strong and constructed from premium grade aluminum, TIG welded and 30% lighter than the standard steel model. This reduced weight makes it possible to use the MS550 / MS575 on many applications, i.e. rebar mesh, upper-level floors and ground slabs. The Masterscreed innovation of the paddle system for extra support is ideal for rebar, mesh and upper-level floors – with a quick bolt-on system and wider 8? (200mm) footprint for extra support. The MS550 / MS575 is fitted with MX tires and has optional narrower elastomer wheels. MS550 / MS575 is fully compatible to work with multi-grade applications and has 3D / GPS and a sonar sonic tracer.


Power Units:

MS550 is fitted with a Honda 690GX power unit whilst the MS575 is fitted with the Vanguard big block 37hp EFI gasoline engine – both offer high power with low fuel consumption and have a 3-year warranty.

The Masterscreed range includes automated concrete screeds, topping spreaders and fiber integration equipment, in addition we supply a complete range of finishing equipment including ride on power trowels and finishing tools.

Masterscreed looks forward to being a strong presence in the Indian market – for enquires please contact us.


Contact Details


Avinash Mishra
Country Head India

Contact: Avinash Mishra
Address : 852, sector 23, Faridabad, Haryana 121005, India
Phone : +91 9899456588
Email: sales@masterscreed.com
Web: http://www.masterscreed.com/


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