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Meeting New Urban Challenges through Sustainable Roofing Solutions


The great challenges in coming years is to remake our rapidly growing cities into structures that can stand up to environmental changes with residents that are healthier, happier, and more prosperous than previous generations. We often do not think about the roofs above our heads, but making thoughtful materials choices on urban rooftops is a critical, readily-implementable strategy to help meet our new urban challenges. Roofs comprise over 25% of urban space and are readily accessible and easy to upgrade relative to other urban sustainability interventions. With roofing technologies that are currently available, cities can improve their bio-diversity, reduce rising urban temperatures, improve health and quality of life, and defend against high energy costs and power blackouts.



Unlike below ground structures, roofs are exposed to different conditions depending upon climatic zones, usage of buildings, etc. Hence, roof demands more robust and flexible waterproofing systems.

Providing High-Performance Solutions To the Benefit of Customers and Sustainable Development:

Sika is committed to pioneering sustainable solutions to address global challenges and to achieve this safely and with the lowest impact on resources. Sika is dedicated to sustainable development, assuming responsibility to provide sustainable solutions in order to improve material, water and energy efficiency in construction and transportation.

Sika strives to create more value for all its stakeholders with its products, systems and solutions along with the whole value chain and throughout the entire lifespan of its products. The value created by far outweighs the impacts associated with production, distribution and use. Sika is committed to measure, improve and communicate sustainable value creation: “More Value, Less Impact” refers to the company’s commitment to maximize the value of its solutions to all stakeholders while reducing resource consumption and impact on the environment.



Energy Saving Solutions

Install a Sika Energy Saving Solution

More Value

– Highly reflective thermoplastic Sarnafil® roofing membranes provide significant energy savings during the use phase
– Sarnatherm® insulation materials are one of the most cost-efficient solutions and have the best thermal performance for a given thickness of insulation
– Sika thermoplastic roofing systems have the lowest energy footprint of all competitive roofing technologies compared

Less Impact

– Sika roofing systems reduce the urban heat island effect and energy consumption during the use phase
– Insulation materials have the lowest carbon footprint for a given thermal performance



Durable Solutions

Design a Long Lasting Sika Solution

More Value

– SikaRoof® MTC and Sikalastic® liquid-applied membranes are an outstanding refurbishment solution that extend the lifetime of existing roofs

Less Impact

– Upgrading existing roofing systems is a cost-effective method of saving energy, minimizing disruption to operations of the building installation and reducing costs, waste and carbon emissions



Green Building Solutions

Select a Sika Green Building Solution

More Value – Less Impact

– Sika roofing systems contribute to achieve multiple credits in most relevant green building certification programs by reducing energy consumption and the heat island effect.
– Using high-performance Sika thermal insulation enhancing the thermal performance and buildings with Sika green roofs controlling stormwater runoff
– Using Sika roofing membranes that include recycled content Sika provides externally verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools that can be used as part of the certification process
– Sika provides customized and project specific Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) calculations and reports (available on request)



Low-Impact Solutions

Choose a Low-Impact Sika Solution

More Value

– Innovative solvent-free Sikalastic® significantly reduce odor emissions and enable a VOC-free roof buildup. This reduces the summer smog potential and improves the air quality
– Highly reflective Sikalastic® liquid-applied roof waterproofing membranes provide significant energy savings during the use phase

Less Impact

– Sika offers low-VOC, low-odor and VOC-free solutions, e.g. Sikalastic® liquid-applied roof waterproofing membranes



Sika Takes Solar Reflectivity to a New Level

The benefits of solar-reflective materials and colors are well known and understood, especially in warm climates in India.

With urban density increasing, the heat-island effect impacts cities at an ever increasing rate. White highly reflective thermoplastic and liquid-applied membranes (LAM) increase reflectance and reduce both the heat-island effect and the cooling energy consumption of buildings.

Sika roofing systems support to re-duce heat island effect and energy con-sumptions by providing a very high initial Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) > 100 along fulfilling the very basic need i.e. Waterproofing.



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