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    Metro rail will improve facilities for pedestrians

    pedestrian subways

    Heading to a metro station using subways at busy junctions is set to become become hassle-free as CMRL is planning to renovate existing pedestrian subways near its stations with additional facilities .

    Pedestrian subways already existing near two stations – Central metro station and Kilpauk metro station – will soon have elevators and escalators. Tenders have been floated to install these amenities in the subways. While the existing ones will be renovated with proper lighting facilites, more subways are planned near Central metro station, as it will become an underground transit hub.

    “We already have these facilities in all metro stations. Now, we are planning to have the same in the pedestrian subways located near our stations,” an official said.

    Image link: www.google.co.in

    News link: timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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