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    Minister slammed the authorities for the unscientific construction of roads


    Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari who arrived in Kumarakom on Monday has noticed an unscientific construction of roads at several places which raises the chances of accidents during his road journey from Kochi. The minister was there to inaugurate the council meeting of the Indian Road Congress held at Backwater Ripples in Kumarakom.

    The trauma behind:

    The poor condition of the road irritated the minister so much that he stated that the people responsible for such construction should be charged against under the section 302 of the IPC in the case of losing of lives in an accident in such spots.

    The need for using the Rubber in road as well as in the construction of dams was stressed by him. He further, stated that the government had issued a notification allowing 8pc plastic usage in road construction. Along with that, the government is aiming to increase the road length across the country at a fast rate. He also felt that the cost of construction should be reduced while the quality of roads should be improved.

    He urged the officials to provide support and to take a positive approach so as to attain this goal. The usage of garbage for road construction was also discussed in detail by the minister. Around 2000 Rail Over bridges(ROB) in the country will be constructed using 50 PC fund  from Central Road Fund and 50 PC from the state government. The state will have to acquire land for ROB. Precast technology which ensures quality and speed of construction will be used, stated the minister. He also expressed his views that the construction from road sector to the GDP will reach 3pc by the end of the five years of this government. Though at present, there are 22-23 km of roads being constructed every day, the minister aims at constructing 42 km of roads per day.

    Earlier, Subrata Biswas, Additional Chief Secretary of Kerala PWD said that the state has given top priority for road construction and National Highway widening. He also said that the state will submit a detailed project report on highway development in the next 15 days. “Initiatives has started for using bitumen mixed natural rubber and plastic waste in road construction.” He also said that the PWD is developing applications with the help of ISRO to monitor the condition of roads and construction.

    Information source: Times of India
    Image Source- pixabay.com


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