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    Modern infrastructural boost for trains! Adani Ports delivers 50 US-made GE locomotives to Indian Railways

    General Electric Division

    All the 50 locomotives were manufactured by GE or the General Electric Division in US, which is an American multinational conglomerate. The locomotives had been imported to Mundra port, which is India’s largest private port near the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat. APSEZ dispatched 50 GE locomotives from Mundra port for the Indian Railways. This is a first for Indian shipping and logistics, Adani Ports said.

    According to the report, the final locomotive was handed over to the Indian Railways at the Roza Loco Shed in UP on November 23, 2018. The 50 locomotives are part an Indian Railways order for 1,000 diesel electric locomotives, most of which will eventually be manufactured here under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. These modern locomotives help in enhancing traffic movement on the railway network across the country.

    According to GE, over 1,000 locomotives will be delivered to Indian Railways over the next 10 years at the rate of 100 locomotives a year. Out of those, some of the twin-cab 1,676 mm gauge locomotives will be exported from the US. GE Transportation will supply 700 locomotives of 4,500 HP and 300 of 6,000 HP to the national railway network. This is a project which is part of a $2.6 billion contract that the Ministry of Railways had awarded in November 2015.

    Meanwhile, Indian Railways got its first 12,000 HP electric locomotive from Alstom this year as part of the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The electric locomotive has been manufactured at Alstom’s Madhepura facility in Bihar. The 3.5 billion euros involves making 800 electric locomotives for the Indian Railways network.

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