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Modern Roofing Systems for Airports & Metro Projects


The Multi-Zip roofing system is screwless, Jointless and can be made in any length more than 100 meters.

The Indian aviation sector is growing at a rapid pace. Several Indian airports are getting modernized and using latest technologies particularly with respect to roofing.

The Multi-Zip roofing system is screwless, Jointless and can be made in any length more than 100 meters. Moreover this roofing system can be used in curved shape, as well as tapered shape. MulticolorTM offers Multi-Zip roofing systems made out of Color coated, Galvalume steel, as well as Aluminium.

At present the airports where Multi-Zip roofing system is being used includes Chandigarh, Tirupati and Vishakhapatnam airports. apart from several metro station projects. The roofing system will also be part of the Vadodara airport in the near future. Given its rapidly rising popularity, the Multi-Zip roofing system could soon be part of several other airports and metro rail projects in the coming times.

The world-class technology that is incorporated in Multi-Zip roofing system was till now being provided only by foreign companies. MulticolorTM is the first company to offer this latest technology in India. The company has always been a frontrunner when it comes to introduction of latest technologies and this roofing system is yet another contribution from the company towards the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the government.

Multi-Zip roofing system is a versatile system that can adapt to all kinds of creative architectural design. The system offers flexibility in different shapes including convex, concave curve, taper  and  taper convex/convex, opening up a whole variety of fascinating design options for creating stunning architectural works. The lightweight, screwless roofing system offers outstanding durability. Another advantage that the system offers is that the special design of clip connector allows for expansion movements of seamed panel. Various clip connector heights are available to accommodate insulation materials.



The company offers Multi-Zip roofing system made out of different materials including, Aluminium, Color Coated steel, Galvalume or other Metallic materials. The material thickness (post production) in the case of aluminium is 0.5mm to 1.0mm, while in the case of steel it is 0.5mm to 0.8mm. The maximum length available is 100m per single panel. The minimum radius offered includes , Concave Curve- Aluminium 4m  and steel curve 6m, and Convex Curve- Aluminium 2m and steel curve 4m.

Hyderabad Metro is the latest example where Multi-Zip roofing system has been used with stunning effect. As part of the project the roofing sheet has been curved in 3800 mm deep curve radius in single piece length. The special design of the halter clips allows the expansion movements. The various heights of the clips help accommodate insulation materials.

With its specialized expertise, MulticolorTM team has overcome difficult challenges with ease and successfully executed several projects. One such example is the case of Chandigarh airport project, during which the company had overcome a complex challenge successfully. Giving details about the project, Deep Gupta, Director of the company said,

With its wide- ranging experience and world-class roofing systems, MulticolorTM is all set to scale further dizzy heights of success in the near future.

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