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Modern Technologies in Waterproofing & Roofing

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The need for efficient infrastructure is rising, and further challenges like sufficient supply of drinking water or intelligent use of limited resources are omnipresent. At the same time sound waterproofing solutions come as a very important aspect for safe and durable construction.

With changing modern construction demands more efficient waterproofing systems to suits with requirement of structures and construction speed. For example in tunnel waterproofing technologies evolved from admixture & quick setting mortar in 20th century to pre-formed single ply PVCp membrane system is 21st century.

Sika provides solutions for even the most challenging requirements with its unique waterproofing product portfolio, contributing to efficient, long-lasting infrastructure, be it for drinking water facilities (fulfilling the most stringent drinking water approvals), tunnels, bridges, basements or roof.

Waterproofing Mortars :

In the 1970s Sika first developed special one- and two-component, ready to use waterproofing mortars. These slurry applied surface waterproofing mortars like SikaTop Seal 107, had very low water permeability.

Today, Sika has continued this development in waterproofing mortars with additional performance characteristics such as flexibility and increased surface protection and could be sprayed.

High-Quality Flexible PVC Membranes with  a  Unique  Compartment  System:  

Sikaplan sheet waterproofing membrane system was developed for waterproofing tunnels and basement structures as well as for single-ply roof waterproofing applications.

The systems include compartmentalized solutions with integrated joint water stops and control/injection sealing points for use in the event of subsequent movement or damage. This unique system allows structures to have a fully controlled permanent waterproofing system and is still the most durable and reliable waterproofing system.



Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane Systems:

With the Sika Proof A pre-applied waterproofing membrane system, Sika has continued the  innovation for modern waterproofing technologies. An easily pre-applied, highly flexible, sheet membrane system that becomes fully bonded to the fresh concrete and therefore also prevents any lateral water underflow. The unique build-up of the Sika Proof system with a combination of in-house waterproofing technologies, again demonstrates Sika’s innovation power.

Joint Waterproofing Systems:

Sikadur-Combiflex system, a unique joint waterproofing system for the internal and external sealing of cracks, construction and movement joints in many different types of structure.

The Sika range of engineered joint waterproofing systems today includes additional innovative solutions such as Sika Fuko injection hoses, Sika Swell hydrophilic profiles and sealants, Sika Dilatec Waterproofing Tapes and the complete range of Sika, Greenstreak and Tricosal Waterbars.

Liquid Applied Membrane:

Sika developed the Sikalastic range of polyurethane and polyureabased, liquid applied membrane solutions for waterproofing bridge decks, podium, roofs and basement structures. This product portfolio comprises of innovative MTC & ICure technology which helps single component PU LAM to “rain resistant in 10 minutes” and “Fast Cure”.

Single Ply  PVC/TPO  Roofing Membrane:

Sika is one of the most experienced single ply PVC & TPO membrane producers with track record of more than 50 years. With most efficient and proven technolo gies Sika offers single ply membrane systems to meet customers’ requirements conform  to   latest-standards.

Sika introduced a special technology of lacquer coating for PVC membranes that seals the surface of the membrane to protect it from external influences. Lacquer prevents plasticizer migration and ensures the life expectancy of the roof. Sika has wide possibilities of membranes texturing for various purposes such as an embossed matte finish, which provides a safe nonslip surface.

Injection Waterproofing Solutions:

Remedial injection sealing solutions for new and refurbishment works have also seen increasing demand in recent decades for the sealing of cracks and voids, such as honeycombed areas in concrete. Sika has developed a wide range of different injection technologies with cement, polyurethane, epoxy and special acrylate-based systems that provide solutions for our customers to solve all of their specific problems by using the most appropriate technology.


For success of waterproofing, a single product or just a modern technology is not usually enough. There has to be holistic system approach with compatible & combinable technologies. There is a need for the architects and the structural designers to understand the various systems available for waterproofing and incorporate the waterproofing system clearly and in sufficient detail at design stage, taking into consideration the in-service conditions and func-tional behavior of structures for durable water-proofing with modern technologies.

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